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Mar 29, 2017
Feb 10, 2009
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GA by way of WV
President - Home Inspection Company

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ECF Guru, from GA by way of WV

ECF Veteran
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Mar 29, 2017
    1. Bluesman
      That was funny! Nice to meet you and thanks for joining in on the thread.
    2. Semiretired
      Oh yeah, my Grandpa and a couple of my Uncles used to come up with stuff like that all the time. I am really enjoying that thread.
    3. zelda
      Ah charming and intelligent!! Where have you been all my life?:p

      It's always a pleasure reading your posts.
    4. s3anvap3s
      It was a pleasure to meet you at the Atlanta Vape meet last night. You are freakin hilarious man! Hope to see you at the next one!
    5. hairball
    6. Xaria
      My favorite Mountaineer!
    7. tofucute
    8. Della Cirque
      Della Cirque
      No problem..if I like it I click it!:)
    9. Vapeterry
      Thank you for the "thank you" & for your many informative posts you generously give! BTW, i LOVE my Darwins!
    10. Charlz
      Fight the good fight. Vaping should always be an option.
    11. cactusgirl
      You're quite welcome!
    12. Retriever
      You are welcome! I learn a lot by reading your posts, so thank you for educating me. :)
    13. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      And thank you not only for the Likes but, more importantly, the vast wealth of knowledge you posses and share so freely. I've learned so much from people such as yourself and am extremely grateful for that.
    14. DaveP
      I "like" informative posts and yours was. ;)
    15. cigarbabe
      Merry Christmas to you and yours wv2win!
      I hope you're enjoying this blessed day with your loved ones.
    16. happiest in years
      happiest in years
      Just to let you know, I thank you for the friend add! Thanks for your great post they are very helpful to me. You have a very Merry Christmas
    17. cigarbabe
      Hey I get it wv2win!
      I hate it that people think we can win this war against the FDA and the ANTz by being complacent and "nice" as if that would work in this "battle". It won't, they have far too much invested and we only have apathetic vapers who whine about .... but don't want to make the effort.
    18. Jimi D.
      Jimi D.
      You're Welcome, any time :)
    19. Beans
      WV, hmmm my ipad just went funkey in the middle of my response so I'm not sure if my previous message will turn up or not :) Thank you. I would love to chat some time. I really love your imput and appreciate the time and experience you share. Your passion and kindness is always an inspiration.
    20. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      You're welcome and I thank you for all the great advice you give. It seems whenever someone has a problem/ issue you seem to be able to "see it from outside the box" and I have learned so much from you.
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    GA by way of WV
    President - Home Inspection Company
    West Virginia native; WVU Fan; Wheeling Jesuit University graduate

    My daughters; good jazz music; football; my animals (dogs & cats); SPCA local animal rescue