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Mar 29, 2017
Feb 10, 2009
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GA by way of WV
President - Home Inspection Company

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ECF Guru, from GA by way of WV

ECF Veteran
wv2win was last seen:
Mar 29, 2017
    1. JWebb
      Hey how are you? Thanks for the like, still using the Darwin? Have you bought any others?
    2. Deafcat64
      I'm so happy! I just tracked my shipment from Liberty Flights and my new eGo is here! My 510 died & I needed something with better battery life because I have no way to charge batteries at work!

      Thanks for the "like"
    3. Hyena 37
      Hyena 37
      Are you Rich B???
    4. JWebb
      Where do you order the darwin, I have a Provari and the Ali'r for a juice feeder, Like to have a Darwin heard great things about them
    5. Flowersoul
      No problem. Because I don't post much and being on the boards for over two years now, I've discovered the 'like' option and wanted those to know when I truly appreciate what they have to offer!

      Thanks again for your good post!!
    6. JWebb
      Good to hear you and family are ok and not hit by the storms, the more I see on the news, it is unvelievable what happened across the south. In St. Louis we had one tear up homes and the airport pretty bad on good friday, but no deaths. We have basements here and that made a differnce. but I see many do not in Alabama and parts of the south. What do you vape with, I use a Provari, eGo and Ali'i? ... Jim
    7. JWebb
      Hey, I hope you were not hit by the tornados tonight I saw on the news.
    8. Stosh
      read your post, looked at my 18650 roughstack, with a 510 extension and a CE2 Smoke Tank mod, and just took another hit, LOL
    9. Renro
      Thank you for your expertise on the "Ask a Vet". The model that you suggested wasn't even on my radar. Your suggestions were extremely helpful.
      Renro ~
    10. Uncle Pennybags
    11. TropicalBob
    12. Uncle Pennybags
      Uncle Pennybags
      Hey wv2win, Welcome to the Georgia group. Pass the word around about the group to any other fellow Georgians or friends. Thanks for joining and happy vaping. :)
    13. Father Luke
      Father Luke

      - -
      Father Luke
    14. jen28f
      Do you currently attend WVU or are you an alumni? I live in WV, and both my sons attend there, in the Engineering program. They live in Braxton Towers.
      I was just curious. I think it's a great school.
    15. Nori
      I managed to lose our "conversation" and then my dog gone keyboard took a dive. As of Saturday I currently have a super-mini, the "silver bullet" (901b, I think). 901klr (modena, from vapornine although reading the threads it compares to the dura), and now a RIO (I think its an 801 penstyle, also from vapornine), The first two came from ebay and liked them enough to see the potentail so I ventured outside of ebay and found vapornine, now I know what everybody is going on about! Although, I obviously am not saving any money, I might be able to put the "analogs" away. Gosh re-reading this I sound like a pro... that I am not. Since I started this Ive become addicted to this forum just as much as to the vapeing!

      Have you tried vapeing in public? I was thinking of going to starbucks on 124 and trying but most of my friends arent even smokers and am kind of leary about doing it alone.
    16. Nori
      Hey from Snellville!
      I tried to reply to your post in the social, but for some reason it won't let me, not sure what I am doing wrong. Will try and figure it out later when i get back from work:D
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    GA by way of WV
    President - Home Inspection Company
    West Virginia native; WVU Fan; Wheeling Jesuit University graduate

    My daughters; good jazz music; football; my animals (dogs & cats); SPCA local animal rescue