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Jul 18, 2021
Nov 23, 2008
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Central NY, USA

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ECF Guru, from Central NY, USA

ECF Veteran
ZambucaLu was last seen:
Jul 18, 2021
    1. Credo
    2. rothenbj
      How do I get a Social group establisted for Kentucky. We need to identify locals to fight the proposed ban and need a resting place, something like "Kentucky Vaporrights".
    3. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Lu, I have missed you! Hope your Christmas is wonderful! See you soon. MK
    4. j0ker
    5. rothenbj
      Hi there, I posted a thread-

      I had a virus issue last night and spent a long time fixing. I wanted to make this info available to my friends in this section and thought it would make sense to sticky it so it. It's obviously off topic here, but Smokeless tobacco is kind of off topic in this forum.

      Also, if you can think of any other place that might be good to link to it, please feel free. I spent hours getting out of this problem and the instructions may save our members a lot of time finding a virus solution. I have 40 years in computers and 30 years in the PC world, but this is only the second virus I ever managed to inflict on myself and the first in a long time I had to try to resolve.

      It was time consuming, but relatively easy for a less experienced PC user and may be beneficial if people know about the software and it's free to fix virus issues. Thanks, Jim
    6. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Hey girlfriend, just dropping by to say hi! Check out the membership of the Women's Room..almost to 500!
    7. ZambucaLu
      NP Dan. He was ticked about that PS thread I this is his 'revenge', I guess. I know you didn't have anything to do with it. Thanks! :)
    8. tarheeldan
      Hi Lu, I just saw what happened in a thread that I responded to recently and didn't realize it was intended to antagonize you personally and hope you don't think I endorse that. Far from it, I thought either the OP had been insulted elsewhere by an ECF member or that s/he would voice thoughts elsewhere.
    9. ZambucaLu
      As you might recall, once you made that accusation, then others joined on the bandwagon. It was deleted to see what needed to be done with it but since you started another thread, it was, for ease sake, just left deleted. We would have had to go through and read every post to see who quoted you and commented on your claim....and that was going to take some time. Perhaps the next time if you have such a suspicion you'll report it to the mods instead of making an unfounded claim on the open forum.

    10. Iken
      You could of atleast just deleted the Spammer's comment and the evidence that it ever happened instead of taking down the whole thread. Thanks for the very first explanation now.
    11. ZambucaLu
      I told you we had no proof that was who you claimed it was. It can't be proved so yes, it is unfounded. You outright called the guy a scammer. C'mon, you know better than

    12. Iken
      you actually gave me an infraction for an unfounded claim????????? Just wow Lu
    13. ctruth
      FDA acronyms: I started it and I apologize. It won't happen in the future.

    14. hifistud
      I think I need to register as a supplier, as I've ordered the first batch of goods. No web site as yet, as it's still being built. So, all rules complied with.


    15. MightoftheWest
      I ask this with the deepest respect why did you close the thread I posted about spikey's crusade?
    16. lowwkeyy
      are you done yet
    17. eco
      Hi i have been trying for so long and i get so respond is there any way to be registered as a sponsoring supplier.
    18. I am Nico
    19. Menville
      Thanks for cleaning me up bad
    20. Mr. Tasty Vapor
      Mr. Tasty Vapor
      Hey, I'm a supplier, any chance you can change my account to a supplier account?
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    Central NY, USA


    Hey, Upstate New Yorkers!!! Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, Binghamton, Plattsburgh, Oswego and surrounding areas, check this out:


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