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Sep 4, 2011
Nov 23, 2008
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Central NY, USA

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ECF Guru, from Central NY, USA

ECF Veteran
ZambucaLu was last seen:
Sep 4, 2011
    1. ZambucaLu
      I try Nico.....I try :D

    2. I am Nico
      I am Nico
      You do "sees all" . lol.
    3. solonguniverse
      Surely you aren't comparing yourself to Ceiling Cat, sir?! This is heresy!
    4. HK45
      Hi Lu,

      My reason for writing is that I would like to report what I believe is spamming. I see this video by wwfjdraw in almost every section of the forum. The one I think is most blatant is in Product feature and design requests . There are no request just the videos promoting the 501 for a specific seller whose address is right on the header of each video and the site address and the 501 are promoted exclusively throughout.

      I consider this spamming. If I'm wrong I'm sorry to bother you.


    5. twoshadetod
      Hey there, I was searching for some information on high nic contents and other stuff and ended up running into a post where you were talking about 48mg. Could you tell me the cheapest price you have seen for it shipped FROM the US? Is it available from many places? Thanks, not looking to get any secret sources rather trying to figure out it's demand.
    6. ZambucaLu
    7. jebjr
      Hi Lu, how can we get the BOSTON VAPORS CLUB to be seen on the social group page? It seems that everyone that has found it did so b accident.
    8. Di
      Hope you and family have a nice weekend -----

      HAPPY 4TH OF JULY -------
    9. Kona
    10. jebjr
      Hi Lu, What makes someone a full or super member?
    11. Computer Extreme
      Computer Extreme
      I wouldLove to be listed as a supplier!
      How would I go about this as I have already contaced smokey-joe and am on the list?

      Reason: Supplier failed to contact admin on registration to make him/herself known as per the rules
    12. Mikerrrs
      Hey SambucaLu,

      I just wanted to send you a message on behalf of some of the new members here on ECF that were introduced to this forum by blucigs. I understand you closed the forum "New here, Anyone heard of "Blu" E-Cigs?" due to spamming. Now I'm pretty new here on this forum as well but have read up tonz about e-cigs thanx to ECF and have been answering a lot of the questions some of the newer members have had about e-cigs. I've been getting messages from some of them that they have enjoyed posting there and have learned quite a lot from that specific forum as well. Now im not sure how to go about this but would I be able to open up a new forum for these members who have felt at home in the other forum or if its at all possible to open it back up. Again in not to sure if i can do anything with this but I thought I would message you and see what i can do.

      Thank you for your time.

    13. ccure
      Hi Lu,

      I want to ask you if I can and where can I post a product that we have.

      The product is for women. It allow the women to urinate standing up. They do not have to sit to urinate. I would like to post it because we are seeking wholesaler/distributors, but since the post will talk about urinate and I want to post some drawings as well, I do not want to make any error.

      Thank for your help!
    14. spradling
      Hi Lu,

      Could you mark me as a supplier and add me to the suppliers list please?

      My company's name is "Paul's Vapor Store" and is based in Uruguay. (First supplier in my country yay!).

      I don't have a website yet so maybe you could put a link to my profile instead?

      Many thanks!

      Paul Spradling
    15. Caesarea
    16. ladybug51
    17. ZambucaLu
    18. ladybug51
      Hi again, Whats this Ted's mod? Where do I look? Is it really good? What does Di mean by 'light' vapers?

      ALL manufacturers could do some work on the atomizers. I'm glad I got the 1yr. warranty with NJOY or I'd be spending more than smokin. Ya gotta take that out of the costs of not smokin' fags.

      Toodle do to you ... Bug
    19. ZambucaLu
      Di, I was wondering if you were going to try Ted's mod. Heh, I live in the States and you got one before me?'re quick! LOL

      So I should get it today and I really can't wait to try it. If it is what I think it is, I will be getting a second one too. I really hope it's that good....if so, between that and my pipes, I will be good to go! Also, you can't beat the price! I'll let you know.

    20. Di
      Hi Sam
      you will love the light vapers from Ted - aka secondson,
      I have 2 of them, they are my main device now,
      I used to use the DY manual as my main vape,
      but the wires and switches are too unreliable,
      so now they are just back ups.
      Enjoy the mods from Ted, they are great.
      We need someone to invent attomizers that are reliable now and we are all set.

      Di ..............
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    Central NY, USA


    Hey, Upstate New Yorkers!!! Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, Binghamton, Plattsburgh, Oswego and surrounding areas, check this out:


    Come one, come all! Visit the forum above for further details.

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