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Zapp and Roger
Last Activity:
Dec 20, 2014
Jul 28, 2010
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Zapp and Roger

Super Member, from Dayton, Ohio

ECF Veteran
Zapp and Roger was last seen:
Dec 20, 2014
    1. suddenly
    2. Benalron
      Hey sorry! Completely missed your message. I am more of a reader than a writer when it's come to ECF. Working to change that though by posting more often. We are hoping to catch the next Dayton vape meet and are going to Vapercon. Hopefully I will have a Zmax in my hand when I come to both.
    3. Ourei
      HI Zapp! I'm still kicking, just forget to visit the forums on a regular basis. I now have 2 silver bullets and an old Phidias Woodimus, all working at 6 volts. Just that nothing goes wrong with these and I'm still a dripper. Hope you're doing good!
    4. classwife
      classwife are such a sweetie pie !
      Hope all is fantastic !
    5. ShannonS
      Hey you! Sorry I've been away so long! You staying out of trouble?
    6. Levitas
      Thanks Zapp! tis my son, Dominic and he's a monster, lol. And you're welcome :) It's nice to know some vaping gamers!
    7. ddrj
      Hey zapp!! Long time no talk :) I inadvertently dropped out of the community when I ended up quitting ecigs. I am completely off the analogs and ecigs now :) It's good I quit but it's bad because I miss the rest of the community here. Anyway, how've things been on your end? And yes, I did see tf2 went f2p. I can't believe it! So many n00bs to pwn LOL
    8. suddenly
      Niagara Falls and Canada are my favorite places too! Been going every year since I was born. Got the baby pictures to prove it!:laugh:

      Last year my daughter and I went to someplace past Toronto to an amusement park that was strictly roller coasters. We had a ball! I got a bit of whiplash on one of them.:facepalm: Boy that girl sure can scream, about broke my eardrums.:glare:

      Love Toronto too! Went there for a few shows. "Phantom of the Opera" was my favorite.
      Plus there is the African Lion Safari, between Niagara and Toronto. A must see! All the animals run free.
      You drive through. The best is the monkey section. They have monkey scrapers at the exit.[​IMG]
    9. suddenly
      I keep forgetting to tell you that I live about 6 miles away from Hill Cumorah in Palmyra. I go to the Pageant every year. It is so spectacular!! Have you ever seen it? I got to see Donny Osmond one year. Its on July 8, 9, 12-16 this year. Can't wait. Always feels like the first time and always great.
    10. suddenly
    11. msqun
      Hey, fwiw, I am not drunk and I'm certainly not Swedish....Haven't seen too many drunks or swedish peeps over in that place in awhile.....Watch, next time you show up (if) then there's sure to be at least one.....Just thought I'd stop in say, hello, miss ya, hope life is treating you well.....and hoped to make a "funny" though it's still a bit early for me so that may be a Take Care Zapp!
    12. suddenly
    13. suddenly
      [​IMG] to you and yours, Love Nancy
    14. fizil
      working hard for the money. The new job is much better for my spirits.
    15. fizil
      doing alright man?
    16. DonnaDo
      Sounds like a plan to me. My last day of work is tomorrow; then off the remainder of the week and the weekend. And of course Christmas (2 weeks off) is coming. I'll check ECF chat for you.
    17. suddenly
      Thank you very much sir! I have enjoyed your posts. I like that you tell it like it is. I am not quite so brave, but I try. It is hard to be taken seriously on the outside if you are female. I fought my way in. Two threads I will never give up on, any TSA thread and DADT and those like it. I have too many friends (not military) who I will fight along side with till their rights are given to them, and I am not afraid to speak my mind on the subject. Its my story and I am sticking to it!

      PS Very nice to meet you and glad to see you on the outside. We need new blood!:toast:
    18. Bones
      Why - TYVM :)
    19. DonnaDo
      Where the heck have you been? I haven't been on much myself; but I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you! Hope all is well!
    20. Tim the Enchanter
      Tim the Enchanter
      There are some who call me......................... Tim.
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