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5/5, 5 from 1 review
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  • Box Mod
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  1. DJ Colonel Corn
    Espion 200 watt mod review.
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Feb 14, 2019
    • + Smallest dual batter mod
    • + Rapid firing
    • + Intuitive menu
    • + Able to accept Red Panda firmware
    • + Durable
    • - Body is plastic
    • - Fire button is superior, however action is not

    Hey vapers,

    Time to review the Espion 200w box mod !
    I’m going to go over the featues, the how-to, some info, and the pros/cons of the mod.

    First comment is, wow, such a small size for a dual 18650 mod ! This means the mod holds two (2) 18650 li-ion batteries.
    Here’s a pic to show you the size, somewhat:

    It’s one of the smallest dual-battery mods I’ve seen.
    Yes, it takes two 18650’s with an amp limit of at least 20A. The mod can put out 50a at 200 watts.

    So, let’s out the specifications:

    So, right out of the box, we insert the batteries, and check our mod.
    No rattles. Everything sits tight.
    We see the screen power up and thus have some options in the menu, looking very nice.
    Very intuitive screen, easy to manage.

    We also see the unit has a centered 510 pin, designed for 28mm max, but a 30mm looks good with minimal overhang. Obviously, larger tanks can also be used.

    So, we check out the mod’s menu capabilities.

    Selected power mode for vaping at first. This unit also includes a ‘preheat’ mode, which boosts the power sent to coil for a time limit you choose.

    I can select the clock by either holding down the function button, or choosing ‘rtc’ under power modes. The clock is only available with power mode, otherwise it will show your temp, amps, ohms, etc. The firing screen is also able to be custom adjusted, displaying the stats you choose. To engage stealth mode, simply click the function button, and the screen won’t light up. This will save your battery power by a good deal.

    Clearly marked battery door ensures you always install the batteries correctly. If you still don’t, the mod won’t operate with polarities reversed, and it will not damage the mod.

    Fits nice in the hand, its small size is really convenient, with having the life and power of dual batteries.


    How does it vape ?
    Smooth consistent power flowing to the atomizer. I only received the mod itself without the Joyetech atomizer, so, can’t comment on that.

    The temperature control seems to work quite well. Has both TC and TCR modes.

    There is a custom firmware available for this mod known as Arctic Fox / Red Panda. I will get into that in a future post.

    For now, wanted to review the mod as it is, out of the box.

    There is a choice of three colors, gunmetal, black, and blue:

    The USB port functions as a both a firmware updater and a 2 amp BALANCED charge system port.

    The mod monitors each battery independently.

    You can check under Info from menu screen to see the voltage of each battery. It also has imbalance protection, so if the batteries are too different in voltage. Not sure right now how large the difference can be.

    However it’s ALWAYS recommended , with dual-battery mods such as this, to use a ‘married’ pair of batteries, both same brand and purchase date. Use only high-drain high-capacity li-ion 18650 batteries with a minimum of 20A capacity.. Battery safety is YOUR responsibility. The term ‘married’ means, you charge them together, and discharge them together, always together. Use a marker to mark pairs of batteries.

    Also, I’ve personally drop-tested this mod with 100% successful results. Dropped it 8 times onto floor from 2.5 feet height. It still runs like a champ, with no marks to show any trauma.

    Athough Joyetech, since the evic mini, has not been known for quality mods, this one breaks the mold. Very impressive mod for the low price, about 40-50 USD on cheaper sites, without the atomizer.

    This is what I consider a ‘real’ mod, even though the casing is mostly plastic. Things get even better with a Red Panda firmware update, I’ll write a post soon to cover that.

    So, in conclusion, here’s the pos/cons.

    Pros and Cons
    First con I’ve noticed is, the firing button. It’s a steel plate, but the entire plate does not depress. It is hinged on the bottom, so a press on the bottom half of the button will not fire. However, the button feels solid and has no rattle. A hair moveable from side to side. I click it near the top.

    I've been told this is actually superior long-living button, so I guess it's not an issue !

    Another con is the fact one cannot use the real-time clock while using any mode except Power. Kind of disappointing, but it’s just a bell/whistle. I now leave the screen off, on stealth mode, to conserve batteries. The screen lit every time one fires takes a considerable amount of battery power.

    My third con is the fact that it does not show you in the display if the coil is locked or open. This seems to be addressed by the Red Panda upgrade. More on that later.

    The pros I’ve basically listed already … nice screen with choice of colors, easy menu, responsive fiting, good temp control. Fit nice in hand, and pocket. It’s truly a joy to use.

    So i recommend this mod especially if you want a great deal for the money.

    Pictured below is my Espion 200w mod with an Aromamizer Supreme v1 atomizer, and, my heat sink. Not completely necessary, as the mod has overheat protection, but, just taking care of my mod. Definitely a plus when using the Sai TAF.

    Vape on !

    Here's some pics, top one is my mod with an Aromamizer Supreme v1 on top, and the bottom pic is the Espion 200w mod with Red Panda firmware installed.


    (Espion 200w mod with Red Panda firmware)

    Cheers !

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