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  1. Twistedlemon

    boge smoketech compare

    I started with an Ego-t type B and changed from the tank to Boge 510 cartomizers. Went to order more and they were out so I am looking at the smoketech 510 dual coil cartos. Based on any of your experiences, will I be pleased or no?
  2. Twistedlemon

    BMV Peach Brandy

    Ordered this as part of a sample pack (5 10ml bottles for $20). Like this one alot. Slight "tart" to it. Not an everyday vape for me, but will order more
  3. Twistedlemon

    Some experienced feedback requested

    I have been vaping the ego-t type B for a little over 2 months. About a month ago, I accidentially ordered XL atomizers, and have just now gotten around to ordering tanks to go with them and give them a show. I am also considering the BOGE 510 Cartomizer. First I want to assure the will fit...
  4. Twistedlemon

    BMV Honeysuckle Tobacco

    This is easily one of my favorites. VERY clean and crisp
  5. Twistedlemon

    Mrs T's Strawberry Champagne

    Pretty good. Another one that may need to steep a bit. Light strawberry taste with a slight hint of "bubbly". Another that I will revisit in a week or so.
  6. Twistedlemon

    Virgin Vapor Vanilla Blackberry Swril

    Might need to steep a bit. Flavour is present, but almost as an afterthought. Not alot of vapor produced. Will let it set for a week or so then revisit. The taste is good, but not as pronounced as I had hoped
  7. Twistedlemon

    Virgin Vapor Kona Coffee Milkshake

    The reviews I previously read were spot on. GOOD VAPE!! A little heavy on the coffee, light on the shake (although it is present), but that is how I would want the real thing anyway!. Good vapor amount, good taste. THUMBS UP
  8. Twistedlemon

    Johnson Creek Espresso

    Normally, I order a small sample size before anything larger. Decided to check out Johnson Creek and found espresso on sale for about 50% off so I ordered a 30ml bottle. Also decided to downgrade the nic level from what I had been doing since my ultimate goal is to quit, so went from 16-18...
  9. Twistedlemon

    Wine vape

    does anyone have a variety of wine juice to select from? I have seen 1 offer a red wine in a sampler pack, but could not find it individually and I would love to come across a variety
  10. Twistedlemon

    Ego t type B atomizer HELP

    I had one atomizer go bad so I ordered a pack of 3 replacements. While the replacements specifically said Ego-T Type B, none in the 3 pack have the spiked plate in them. How do I move the spike plate from one of my old ones to a new.....without screwing anything up which may be too late on...
  11. Twistedlemon

    BMV Honeysuckle Tobacco

    This flavour was not ordered, but sent in very small sample sizes with another order. Just tried it today, keeping in mind that it is an 8mg and I have been using 16-18mg. Very smooth, and not too sweet. Almost like tasting a cloverfield. Clean and crisp. Good vapor. All in all, I like it...
  12. Twistedlemon


    I have had some minor issues (part of it me being a noob I am sure), but A+++ to Liberty Flights!! I initially ordered from them, and they have been GREAT with reply via email, and offers of remedy: In short, I have an Ego-T Type B. One atomizer is screwy. They initially offered to credit...
  13. Twistedlemon

    Ego t type B atomizer HELP

    I recieved the kit 12 days ago and have loved it. As of today, one of the atomizers produces a very sharp burnt metalic taste. Recommendations? Advanced Thanks
  14. Twistedlemon

    Mrs T's Kentucky Bourbon

    Just arrived today along with 3 other sampler sizes. being as it was one of those days at work, decided to try the bourbon first. All I can say is....HOLY SHOT OF JACK IN A VAPE. Good vapor and the taste....initially I thought there was very little but as I type right now I am getting it...
  15. Twistedlemon

    Ego-T Type B tank question

    Loving my ego-t, except for the occasional leak issue. Anyone know if there are tanks with either rubber or silicone caps to them rather than the plastic? I think they would sit with a better seal. If so, where can they be found?
  16. Twistedlemon

    BMV Cinnabun and BMV Belgian Waffle

    Cinnabun: Good flavour with a clear taste of both cinnamin and icing. Little Vapor visable Belgian Waffle: Great flavour. Buttery, subtle smooth vanilla, and batter. Hardly any visable vapor
  17. Twistedlemon

    BMV Blackjack Tobacco

    80/20 PG/VG. 16mg nicotine. I also ordered evtra flavour. The description given on the site is spot on. Subtle vanillas and spices. OUTSTANDING and SMOOTH. Good throat hit, but not brash...smooth. good vapor amount. Well Done. Will be ordering again!!!
  18. Twistedlemon

    BMV Sampler (Rum and Cola, Cinnabun, Key Lime Pie)

    Sampler from BlueMistVaping came in today, as did my seperate order of BlackJack From them. 1. Rum and Cola: First one I tried (figured it would go good with tonights pizza). First pull, a little sensation of carbonation bubbles hit my nose. I like it. Second pull, clear taste of rum. I...
  19. Twistedlemon

    Decisions, decisions

    Got home from work and found my order from BlueMistVapors has arrived. Now, the big decision....what do I try first? 1. BlackJack Tobacco (although the 180ml bottle does not have a drip/pointed top and I am syrngless so I either have to wait until one of my empty bottles that I just cleaned...
  20. Twistedlemon

    Minor Breakdown

    Ended up having to buy some juice from a local guy (regular tobacco flavour as his selection was not appealing)....and it is NASTY. In stalking the USPS, I see my shipment will not be here until tomorrow (Friday). That being said, I went outside last night and lit 1 of my old Camels. It took...