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  1. AnalogsNoMore

    Your favorite place in the USA that sells in containers larger than 30ml with good Customer SVC?

    I think it has more to do with certain flavors than the mix itself. I've been recently using 50/50 which I love and haven't had an issue. It seems the sweeter flavors cause most of the problems which leads me to believe it's the sweetener that gets added that causes issues with the atty. Not...
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    MR. E's french toast

    Very reasonable... $3 flat rate for orders under $50. Free if over! He ships immediately too. I usually get it in 3 days from the time I place an order. Great web site with lots of cool info for the beginner. I am extremely pleased with this vendor which is why I wanted to let others know...
  3. AnalogsNoMore

    MR. E's french toast

    After Searching for almost a year now for my all day vape, I have finally found it. Dan has created a perfect blend of flavors that tastes and smells delicious. It's complex in that you taste and smell everything from maple to even the egg that you would find in french toast. I have been...
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    Take a Break and Vape with Mister-E-Liquid

    I would definetly be willing to review MEL juice. I have become a big fan of your french toast. Vapor production is superb, and your ratios of flavorings and throat hit are fantastic. Customer service and shipping times are second to none. Keep up the great work Dan...
  5. AnalogsNoMore

    Best maple e-liquid?

    I have become a fan of maple as well. It has taken over my desire for tobacco flavors and become my all day vape. I have only tried mr.e's french toast but find it to be very good. It has all the flavors you would expect and the aroma makes everyone around me I am in search of...
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    bump evertime you buy something new...

    10 pack of joy atty's for $46.95 @ (bulk) section of their site.
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    MR. E's french toast

    I didn't think I would like it as much as I do. It is REALLY good. I've gone through 60ml so fast that I ordered another 60ml just so I dont run out again. Anyone else try his french toast, and if so, can you recommend anything similar from anywhere else you liked better. I'm hooked on the...
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    Looking for in your face non subtle flavor

    Atomic cinnacide is like eating a whole box of red hots in one bite. It packs a punch! I usually just use a drop with some of the juices I don't care to much for... Very strong cinnamon flavor.
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    bulk attys

    I just wanted to express my sheer joy in having discovered your company. I am extremely pleased with my first purchase. I received my bulk atty's within a few days and love them. These atty's are... simply put, awesome! I'm using them exclusively from now on... Imho these atty's outperform...
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    Show us your Ali'i!

    Multi colored, maple & cherry, bloodwood & maple.
  11. AnalogsNoMore

    R&R manufacturing- two thumbs up. Way up!

    A VERY special THANK YOU to Ryan and his dad for their exceptional service and attention. After ordering my custom Ali, I e-mailed Ryan to see if I could change my order. I wanted something unique and multi colored. Ryan told me that my order was already finished but that I could still...
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    Advice on bottom feeder mod

    I absolutely love and adore my Ali' much in fact that I got two more immediately after my first purchase. Two of them are v.v and the other is 3.7v which I use for my LR atty's. I use all 3 throughout the day and love em!
  13. AnalogsNoMore

    premium juice suppliers tasty tobacco or camul excellent Tastyvapor- atomic cinnacide if you like explosive cinnamon Mister e liquid- french toast. delicious!
  14. AnalogsNoMore

    Elixir Liquid Brithdaycake???

    I haven't tried elixirs b-day cake but I have used his juice and really like it. His tasty tobacco and camul is outstanding. Really hard to explain but it fills your lungs and doesn't scratch your throat. Lots of vapor too. I found them to be very helpful. I called once and hung up after...
  15. AnalogsNoMore

    Drip Tip Round Up!

    The pyrex drip tip from is by far my favorite. I prefer it due to the fact it doesn't get hot like the metal ones do and it wont melt like the plastic ones do. The e-juice slides down easily and doesn't get hung up. No more blowing down the tip before vaping. They come tappered...
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    Must try eliquids

    Tasty vapors Atomic cinnacide-explosive flavor Elixirliquid- tasty tobacco or camul really satisfies my analog cravings. It just fills my lungs soooo perfectly with smooth volumous vapor and no scratchy throat. My personal fav at the moment... I love their atty's too. (6mo warranty) Both are...
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    Higher voltage juice taste

    If Your getting a burnt taste it's probably because your atty is dry. Keep em moist and you should be fine.
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    best e-liquid for you

    ElixirLiquid-Camul (tobacco) Tastyvapor-Atomic Cyanide (flavor)
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    tobacco juice similar to what comes in pre-filled carts

    Seriously...Check out I LOVE their Kamul tobacco flavor juice. Imho, it's the best tobacco juice I have tried. Great vapor production, mild flavor and the closest I've found to real tobacco. I have read on the forum that Bloog Juice has something similar to whats in the...
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    Got My Ali'i today, Yea!!! Thanks for helping me decide on the Ali'i through your helpful...

    Got My Ali'i today, Yea!!! Thanks for helping me decide on the Ali'i through your helpful videos. I'm really glad I got it. It's also one of my most prized possessions too. Vape on