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  1. jynxtheclown

    Best 18650 for v10 vamo

    Seems to only accept flat tops I'm mostly running 1.5 to 2.8 ohm builds but I may sub on this also if that matters I vape usually between 5 to 10 watts this is the version 10 vamo from fasttech also need a good place to get em I'm looking at the orbtronic sx30's but I was hoping for more mah
  2. jynxtheclown

    mod device with enough clearance to accept a ego mega atty

    preferably one that that can run at 3.7 volts with optional parts to go 5v but 3.7 would also be fine
  3. jynxtheclown

    i'm using ego mega attys exclusivly now but i have a problem with my batts

    my ego batts keep dying either due to the pos buttons or due to multiple drops so i need a mod device that has a 510 fitting with enough clearance for the mega ego atty does anybody know of a mod that can use these please help
  4. jynxtheclown

    about the 50 ml chinese liquid

    is this stuff pg or vg or some mix?
  5. jynxtheclown

    a riva with a led endcap instead of stainless steel

    i saw one online the other day but i can not remember which site i was on it came in two colors red or blue leds
  6. jynxtheclown

    lion protected14500 batts chargers vg liquid and lr attys in one place

    i know its a tall order thanx for any input
  7. jynxtheclown

    is the liquid at madvapes pg or vg

    because i'm thinking of ordering some batts and a charger there and it would be nice to order some liquid all in one shot
  8. jynxtheclown

    where can i get a 5v bottle fed mod w/led

    i know its a tall order but i would also like it to be a 510
  9. jynxtheclown

    who makes the most cost effective 5v box mods

    i'm looking to go 5v on the cheap box mods seem the way to go but whos cheap with a good unit and a good rep
  10. jynxtheclown

    510 hardtip cartomizers questions

    question is can i just pull the glued in plug then replace it with a stock 510 round cart for easy drip type filling?
  11. jynxtheclown

    jules can we get a dekang co-op?

    because i could use a kilo of dekang watermelon well maybe a 1/2 kilo
  12. jynxtheclown

    tea bag anyone

    i'm using regular tea bags for carts is there really a better method
  13. jynxtheclown

    im sort of a new member trying to save a buck and not get ripped off

    ive been talking to a bogetech rep in china they are in the dekang "family" of companies like a subsidiary or whatever they've given me some pretty low price quotes and i'm thinking about placing an order with them 3bucks for a 30 mil bottle 2.35 for 20 mil bottles their shipping is a bit...
  14. jynxtheclown

    has anyone ever ordered from dekang/bogetech

    i've been buying exclusively from an american vendor (who shall remain nameless) that i am really happy with however 1/2 of the reason that i switched to the ecig is fiscal that is money bogetech/dekangs prices are crazy cheap even with shipping i'm gonna come out to less then 1/2 what i...
  15. jynxtheclown

    wow cignot shipping is rediculously fast

    my first order was made on the 7th of april i received it the 9th haven't smoked since i highly recommend cignot their level of service is real old school right now i'm up to 4 510's a passthru a pcc and i think i'm gonna order the ego set all from cignot haven't had a problem with any parts...
  16. jynxtheclown

    help noobie wants to thin out his 24mg pg fluids

    where can i get what i will need in like a local way if possible as i have 95 ml coming later today whats the best cheap way to do this. so i guess this is a where do i and a how do i
  17. jynxtheclown

    it worked right away

    see servers on the ball around here
  18. jynxtheclown

    is there a way to tell if a joye is a authentic joye

    on the 510's this makes 15
  19. jynxtheclown

    its cool right here community welcome wagon makes ya feel @ home

    like training wheels to screen out bots and merchants? i guess im asking if this is a pat down a handshake or both?
  20. jynxtheclown

    help 3more posts to a signature

    is it legit to trade here does anyone trade