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  1. DEVO357

    MVP with EVOD

    Will a EVOD fit a MVP with no issues? I can get my hands on a couple of EVOD's and I dont have a clue if they will fit on my MVP. Thanks Dean
  2. DEVO357

    Z atty pro wicking issue

    Zatty pro on provai mini. I am having a minor problem with my z atty. I have rebuilt it a couple of times and the coil is fine all coils firing and no hot spots. Have tried 400 & 325 wicks and can not get them to wick very well. My rebuilt wick is straight and it is not to tightly wrapped, I...
  3. DEVO357

    AiV pic

    Just in case anyone was wondering, awesome I have 8 big bottles now bwaahahahaha!
  4. DEVO357

    vendors that take AMEX

    Anyone know of any vendors that take AMEX? AiV is the only one I know of and I only use AMEX!
  5. DEVO357

    Psy aiv provari

    My desk this morning diggin the orange creamsicle from AIV
  6. DEVO357

    My New development on Nic addiction

    Ok over Christmas went to my sister inlaws for a few days & My battery died and my spare went out in about an hour. I wasnt able to vape at all for a day (forgot my charger!) Well something interesting happened, I didnt feel the need to vape or smoke none of the crazy effects like when you...
  7. DEVO357

    Dropped my mini!

    I was on a ladder earlier and had my mini in my jacket pocket, friggin fell out dropped about 15ft straight down on to a tile floor! NO DAMAGE LOL not even a scratch! my tank cracked a bit but its not leaking, its tough I never thought I would drop it but it will take a goor fall onto a hard...
  8. DEVO357

    I think im starting to like Windows8

    Just got Windows 8 and I have to say I really friggin hated it in the beginning! But as I have become used to it I have to says it is a really stable and smooth system, sure its annoying because its not what you are used to but its really growing on me.
  9. DEVO357

    stormys vapor cellar

    I ordered some wire from them to rebuild my atombomb, package came fast and they included a juice sample! There was also a hand written thank you on my receipt IMO its the attention to detail that keeps customers and I will continue to do business with them. Dean
  10. DEVO357


    Yay I'm verified! Sorry its just the most exciting thing thats happened today work is slow:banana:
  11. DEVO357

    Need help with carto size

    I just got this mini gripper and it has a dc smok carto that is just long enough to stick out of the top it was the only one we could find that would fit while i was at the vape shop. A regular carto will only fit if i use an adapter so I would like to try and find something longer than...
  12. DEVO357

    Finally got my provari!

    Mini with red led and V2 tank. 1.5 single coil carto & 3.5v and its friggin awesome! I should have just started with this from the begining got the extension cap too with bigger battery. Think I'm gonna try a 3.0 atomizer tomorrow and see how that is.
  13. DEVO357

    Really dumb question

    Ok so I keep my Riva in shot glass on my desk at work because I think the juice will pour out it i lay it flat. Can I lay it flat???:huh:
  14. DEVO357

    First really good vape!

    Well my package finally arrived with my RivaT so I loaded the atty and Wow what a difference from the liquor store bought ecig I was using. No learning curve and lots of vapor!!!!!!! Thanks to all the info here in this forum made it really easy and cheap to get started :D. Dean
  15. DEVO357

    still waiting......... short rant

    Before I found this forum I ordered a kit from eastmall that was Aug. 7th. I still haven't got my order and its been 3 weeks already. I will not be ordering anything from them any more and I have already sent in an order for a provari mini which will most likely beat it here before I ever here...
  16. DEVO357

    Hello all

    Been browsing for a while and just want to say hello to everyone great forum lot of great info. Dean