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  1. fundoodman

    Review of Nude Nicotines - Minty Menthol

    Just a quick review of Nude Nicotine's Minty Menthol 70/30 at 18mg. Review was done dripping with an 901 Atomizer at various voltages. Now I'm not a huge menthol fan but Mint on the other hand I like. This stuff was pretty good. Here's my subjective opinion. The liquid itself is clear in...
  2. fundoodman

    Ecigarette Magazine Article

    Found this article today while doing some vape research online. Thought it was pretty cool. I don't think anyone has posted this yet. If so, my bad, I'm not on here every day. Enjoy! Vermillion River E-Juice - Ecigarette Mag : Ecigarette Mag