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  1. hngntuf

    Pink Spots' HAPPY ENDING clone?

    I got a 3ml sample of Happy Ending at a vape meet and loved the flavor and richness, but can't/won't spring for that price point. Has anyone else tried it and cloned a recipe? Thanks, Stephen
  2. hngntuf

    Steep mix steep?

    Hey Guys, I have about 20 single flavors that have been steeping for a minimum of 1 week. If I want to do some mixing, should I let the new mixture steep again or would it be ready to go? I can see both ways being feasible, but which one would be best? Thanks, Stephen
  3. hngntuf

    Metal fumes . . .

    Howdy Y'all, As a glassblower(lampworker really), we have to be extremely careful with fuming metals onto glass. Ventilation is rule #1. This brings up a question about times when I 'dry vape' and taste the metal burning. I did look around the site because I'm well familiar with "UTFSE", but...
  4. hngntuf

    Howdy From NW Georgia

    Hi, my name is Stephen, 57 years old and have been analog free for 2 weeks... semi free for 6 weeks. Loving the future ability to breathe after 44 years of smoking up to 3 packs a day. Progressing slowly, but I didn't get this way in a day either. Started with an Apollo VV and graduated to a...