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    What's next?

    I know this topic has been beaten to death, but given it's why most of us are here I'll ask anyway... I'm planning another order here in the near future, and I'm curious what the most popular flavors are... Or at minimum, what "you" would recommend. As a point of reference, I've been vaping...
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    Order processing time

    Good morning! Switching over to VV from a different vendor, and I'm curious what the typical order processing time is (Not figuring in the Holiday Backlog) ... Also wondering if there is a cap on ordering single flavors. (Previous vendor had a limit of three) Thanks in advance, and I look...
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    Reo-tree Camo

    I've been debating on this for a while now... Kinda happy with how it turned out.
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    Coffee and... ?

    Sitting at the table watching the snow blow around, and I got to wondering, what do you all vape with your morning cups of coffee? Today it was cinnamon, followed by banana bread. Neither of which seem to blend well with Folgers. Any recommendations? Woods.
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    How low do you go?

    My 18650's from Super-T arrived today with 3.9v on them... I'm curious if I should put them on the Pila and charge them up to 4.2, or use them as they are. The Reo should be here tomorrow... I'm having a difficult time prying myself away from the USPS tracking site. :facepalm: 5 analogs...
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    The life cycle of cartos and atomizers

    Hopefully this hasn't been discussed to any extent, as I would feel like a fool for devoting so much time towards figuring it out, but I am curious as why cartomizers and atomizers (referred to within as C&A) "wear out". I haven't received my shipment yet, so I have very little visual...
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    Off the deep end...

    Apparently my "Do it once, do it right" mindset got to me again... I took the plunge today and ordered up a Reo Grand, along with what is essentially a "starter pack" of Cisco atomizers, Smok-Tech cartos, and random Juices from Alien and Vaperite. Seeing the final cost for everything has me...