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  1. Cann0n

    Heather's Heavenly Vapes - THE BIG THREAD (Part 2)

    I love Legend....
  2. Cann0n

    Pipe tobacco and Cigar extraction

    I've only puffed on it twice. Tasted good, but as your common sense seems parallel with mine, I stopped because of my concern. I was only curious if anyone had done this. I was hoping to find someone that would say, "yeah I do it all the time and I'm not dead yet." At the same time, my...
  3. Cann0n

    Pipe tobacco and Cigar extraction

    I've extracted Jazz Black & Mild a few months ago with the cold method using 100% VG. I let it steep for 1 month, filtered it about 7 times and the juice has been sitting for 6 months now. It's real thick as I haven't added purified water to it yet... My concern is the safety of vaping this...
  4. Cann0n

    Heather's Heavenly Vapes - THE BIG THREAD

    Legend is pretty amazing. I heard all this great stuff about it... Ended up getting 10ml of 40/60 6mg nic... I see what the fuss is all about. YUM! Super YUM! MEGA YUM! Next time I may get 100% VG
  5. Cann0n

    Which mod are you vaping with right now?

    iTaste SVD + UD AGI vaping on a Blackberry Menthol mix from Mobster Juices
  6. Cann0n

    My first mech mod

    My uncle and I build this one together. Is from a dollar store flashlight. Equipped with a protank. The size of the switch only allowed room for a 18350. No fuse or safety measures... If it blows up, it blows up. My uncle wanted to help and he is a master at projects like this. He builds tesla...
  7. Cann0n

    My Octopus RDA hits with harshness

    I've been playing with my Octopus RDA for about 2 weeks now. I've been getting an extremely harsh hit. I dosed down to 6mg nic level on all of my juices because I don't like a strong throat hit. My stock coil started getting gunky and harsh so I decided to replace the coil to get some hands-on...
  8. Cann0n

    What do you stealth vape with?

    I walk up to my co-workers and blow vape in their face and call them bad names. J/k. I normally just turn my back. if I must keep the vape discrete, I'll blow it down my shirt.
  9. Cann0n

    Is it common for batterys to die so quickly?

    My eGo style battery lasts all day at work. When I get home, I switch to the mod and vape heavy.
  10. Cann0n

    Raw Mouth - is it nic or something else?

    Im currently suffering Quitters Flu. I'm 17 days without analogs. A few days ago, my throat got sore and I was hacking up some flem. I had a few pimples pop up on my face and had some night sweats. Now I feel it going away slowly. I switched up my juice vendor thinking it was related to my juice...
  11. Cann0n

    Vaping isn't smoking?

    e-smoking would refer to electronic smoking. I wouldn't pay much attention to forum members when they try to correct terminology. I don't consider my iTaste SVD with an Octopus RDA an e-cigarette... but e-cigarette is still a staple term for this forum. Like the longboard forum I attend...
  12. Cann0n

    Ideas on fixing scratches?

    scratches on batteries? batteries are normally wrapped with a plastic shrink wrap. Shouldn't be a big deal.
  13. Cann0n

    How to tell if your coils are ruined?

    A popped coil is when you supplied too much power to a coil and the wire became too hot and broke. This can happen over time with high voltage. My experience with the protank is when my juice gets 1/3 level, it doesn't hit like it should and becomes slurpy.
  14. Cann0n

    What happened to my setup?

    Once my protank gets to abot 1/3 juice left, it sputters.
  15. Cann0n

    Innokin iTaste SVD!!!

    Nope, mine stays consistent voltage and ohm reading.
  16. Cann0n

    Hooked and Analog free!

    Congrats! I fell in love with my iTaste SVD, if you want an opinion on an AVP
  17. Cann0n

    Free Samples?

    Some shops have taste testing devices and provide a plaster rubber piece to go over the drip-tips. You can try all the sample flavors on their devices. I suggest locating a shop.
  18. Cann0n

    Innokin iTaste SVD!!!

    I don't fully understand how the battery series works for I'm not well educated in the math and whatnot. Thank you for the enlightenment! The spring is housed and concealed in a special connection piece on the bottom battery cap that doesn't seem to be removable or stretchable. The rattling...
  19. Cann0n

    What got you into vaping?

    This thread should be shared so more people can see the positive influences of vaping. Success in quitting is as easy as just replacing smoking. Today is my 2 week mark of no cigs and I haven't had a single craving for one. The first 2 weeks is the hardest part about quitting, according to...
  20. Cann0n

    Innokin iTaste SVD!!!

    I ordered mine off of last week. Been playing with it for 3 days now. I love it. A few things I'd like to comment on. Mine didn't come with the two iClear 30s, even though it was in the picture on the website. That's fine because I ordered a Kanger Protank when I placed my order...