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    Kanger Co-op Cool Kids

    I got my order today. Everything was correct. :laugh:
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    Kanger Co-op Cool Kids

    Still no word or tracking. I've been patient up this this point, but I am starting to get a little discouraged.
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    Kanger Co-op Cool Kids

    Add me to that list. No kind of notification.
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    My Guess as to why orders are not available yet...

    I became a victim yesterday too. Bank is taking care of it, just an inconvenience of not having my card for a few days. I'm not mad at AVE, stuff like this happens.
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    If you were forced to choose only one juice to vape for the rest of your life...

    This past week I bought a ton of DIY supplies along with 15 different flavorings and a half gallon of pg/vg. Then I ordered my first bobas bounty, thinking that I have to at least try this juice that everybody talks about before going 100% diy. Damnit. I can't stop vaping this. I've gone...
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    I agree with Durangler. I dropped out because of reasons not related to how you were handling...

    I agree with Durangler. I dropped out because of reasons not related to how you were handling the co-op. Thanks for the work you put into it!
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    VaporBeast has the VAMO!

    These guys are great! I recently ordered a single boge f16 tank from them. The ship for free, so they probably barely broke even on the sale but they still sent me a freebie and thanked me for being a new customer.
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    Just converted my fifth analog smoker

    My workplace is banning all tobacco products on property starting January 2014. I am expecting a ton of people to come to me for advice as that deadline gets closer. Currently working on my wife and brother. My wife is a hard convert because she doesn't want to quit smoking. My brother is...
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    magnificent menthol and cherry crush look for...

    For the chocolate menthol, try Blue Mist's smooth. Very close to the Marlboro Smooth, one of my favorite menthols.
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    Hi guys!

    Welcome! Very jealous of the provari. It is something I will probably never own though, unless I come across somebody unloading theirs for cheap. You never see somebody trying to sell their ProVari though, and that says a lot about the quality of the product.
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    New to ECF but not vaping!

    Very nice, welcome! This is a good community. I've been lurking for a while myself before finally registering.
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    New here

    There is nothing you can really do if it is not already rebuildable. I have some ce4s like that, the best you can do is rinse them out with hot tap water, dry burn (be careful not to burn the rubber cap), and repeat the process the few times. Then allow it to dry. I kinda like the...
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    Dear smoking ban,

    I try to follow traditional smoking rules in most public places. The one exception I make is at work. I work 12 hour days and will stealth vape a few times during a shift. I made sure the very first day that it did not bother the people around me. I don't chain vape at work by any means...
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    battery life

    My 900mah twist lasts me most of the day if I am at work and can't vape as much as I do at home. A 2200mah battery in my vamo only lasts me a full day if I am home chain vaping. That battery would last 3-4 days for the casual vaper. It all depends on how much you vape.
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    So angry at this im ready to go back to smoking.

    Wouldn't that cause it to flood?
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    njoy king commercial.

    I really want to try one of these njoys. The only bad thing I have heard about them is that they do not last long enough. The "equal to 2 packs" claim needs to go, for all disposables. Most say it is more like a real cigarette than anything else they have ever used.
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    So angry at this im ready to go back to smoking.

    Then you want a cartomizer tank, and use dual punched cartos. Single coil works best for me.
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    How old are you and how long did you smoke

    Good luck man! It is not easy to switch. My first week was complete hell. I found that setting small goals everyday helped me more than anything. "I'm not going to smoke on the way to work" one day, "not going to smoke AT work" the next. Little steps made it easier for me to quit than...
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    What was your first vaping experience??

    About 5 years ago I bought a cig-a-like kit and some juice. It was terrible, messy, and turned me off of ecigs for a long time. I ended up trashing it after a few days of us. I'm so glad things are better now than they were back then.
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    How old are you and how long did you smoke

    33 years old, 19 years. I had to quit, couldn't imagine having more than 20 years of smoking on my lungs before I am even 35. The healing has begun and I am already feeling better.