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    Atomizer Options Thread (Cast your vote!)

    I've been contemplating converting my igo-t into a bottom feed, but don't own a LP just yet. That reduced chamber from the stepped down cap provides for great warmth and flavor IMO. Costs about 2X as much as the igo-w, but I like mine 10X more.
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    Mechanical reos will be seeing some upgrades

    I didn't wanna be so bold as to say "passing off" LG ICR batts as high drain IMR batts, without having any real evidence - but I've seen many people claiming just that. Just thought I'd mention it in the hope that someone reading could weigh in with additional info.
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    Mechanical reos will be seeing some upgrades

    Not trying to derail the thread or start a riot, but anyone read any further into those 35a efests being nothing more than relabeled LG ICR batteries? I don't know if it an issue with knockoffs or the real deals being falsely represented, but there have been several people reporting a lot of...
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    I still dont get this sub-ohm thing...
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    In a truck all day(looking for a reo cup holder)

    Haven't tried it myself yet, but this stuff seems like a really simple medium to mold a cup holder "mod stand" from: Cut to outer shape, press fit whatever you want it to hold, can probably even hit it with some polyurethane or something similar to...
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    New Contacts Installation Video

    That's what I thought it was too, until the scissors I was using to scrape it clean took a big ... chunk out of the gasket... Maybe our Reos will become friends while away at summer camp together, lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Contacts Installation Video

    Refer to post #24 :D Didn't think at the time to include pics; that would've been much more helpful. If it makes you feel any better, my baby's taking a trip back to Maine as well. Should've left well enough alone, but I got a few beers in me and figured that would be the perfect time to remove...
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    New Contacts Installation Video

    Figured I'd take this opportunity to get back involved a little on the forum. I feel now is a good time to remind everyone to be careful with the mystery "goo" in the bottom portion of the 510. Mine was just slightly chewed up; attempted to clean things up a bit and completely mangled it...
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    SPRING? . . . . .. what spring?

    Good to know: I have 100' of 26awg NiCh60 on order to play around with - yea, 100' is a lot to "just try out" but there was only a $0.20 difference between 50' and 100'. Worst case scenario, someone here will be receiving a care package lol
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    SPRING? . . . . .. what spring?

    [/b] See bolded.
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    Juices to NEVER use in your Reo

    Dawn saves little baby ducks... Who doesn't love little baby ducks?
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    How about some modern metal :)

    I'm gonna disregard the "no Cookie Monster" vocals and just put this here. If you can't appreciate a marriage between metal and The Governator... I don't even know you anymore, Reoville :p
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    Need some help with drippers guys and gals.

    A single microcoil and cotton yarn is probably the quickest and easiest tasting setup I've used. Peaches & creme cotton yarn is dirt cheap and (after removing one of the four threads) is already perfectly sized to thread through a 1/16id micro. To switch flavors: just pull the wick, sop up...
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    Rm2 not working?

    Just to be clear: I wasn't talking smack, just thinking ahead to avoid aggravations. I have nothing but respect for your customer service model and have seen you go above and beyond to rectify any situations that may arise. Smart move; less time spent working on returns = faster turnaround...
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    Rm2 not working?

    May need to add a big, flashy WARNING banner to the new LP setups on the website, lol. With the surge in popularity of the Reo, I can see a lot more people having this same issue.
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    Rm2 not working?

    Did you purchase a standard or low profile reo? Milled or unmilled rm2? If your reomizer looks like the middle picture above and your drip well extends above the 510 connection, that's probably your issue.
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    BF Atomizer = Flood zone?!?!

    Aha, I forgot the 510 thread air intake... Tell your brother to just get a damn rm2 already, lol
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    BF Atomizer = Flood zone?!?!

    I have zero experience using standard atties or cartos on the Reo, but wouldn't the drip tip o-ring at the threaded base trick work? I recall seeing one fellow Reonaut (can't recall whom at the moment) using a drip tip o-ring at the base of his rm2 instead of the usual bottle cap o-ring. I...
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    Snobbish pairings of juice and adult beverages

    Ice, equal parts Makers Mark and Apple Jack brandy, dash of bitters, hard cider floater paired with The Vapor Chef's Apple Bourbon tobacco. Oh hells yeah ;)
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    Help me, I went into limbo land and everything changed while I was gone

    That's odd. I just did a quick comparison with 100ft of 29awg: Website: $9.87 eBay store: $7.60 100ft is a lot if you're just trying it out, but it's item # 190976039642. Expected delivery Feb 12th