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  1. BIGJ541

    SMPL Mod by Epic Design Studios

    Has anyone switched to magnets in their switch?? I think someone said they used a Neme Magnet but I was not sure?
  2. BIGJ541

    SMPL Mod by Epic Design Studios

    Did you take a pick of the switch took apart? I just want to see what it looks like. Im surprised you had problems with the switch mine is perfect. I did see on their FB they have a limited warranty.
  3. BIGJ541

    SMPL Mod by Epic Design Studios

    OMG!!! I love this Mod I have not been this stoked about a Mod since maybe my first Authentic witch was a Vanilla but I love the SMPL. I had my concerns with no delrin in the switch or top cap but everything fits so tightly and perfect together I have had no problems. I also was bummed there was...
  4. BIGJ541

    SMPL Mod by Epic Design Studios

    They are a legit dealer in general I got my Zenith V2 from them so I can't see them selling a knock as a authentic I was very pleased with their service EDIT I DID JUST SEE ON Epic studios FB page that PUFF PUFF IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A AUTHENTIC SMPL DEALER but they did say they were sent to...
  5. BIGJ541

    Micro Coils to increase Vapor, flavor & TH

    Huge clouds but a bit to hot even for me. I like to keep it above 0.15 but I was playing around with cloud comp builds I think im going to do this same build with just a few more wraps at some point.After looking at y pic I think its a 5 wrap i'm going to try like 8 or 9 next time.
  6. BIGJ541

    Micro Coils to increase Vapor, flavor & TH

    This is My set up 22g Gplat 6 wraps on a micro screwdriver about 3/32
  7. BIGJ541

    The Big Nasty 26650

    I can't wait to get my Big Nasty in my hand to give it a good suck. LOL but I was wondering if you one you liked more the MKNE or the Sony's in the 50 amp? I always like the Sony's better in the 18650 so I was going to order a few off Ebay so there here when I get my Big Nasty. I ordered 2 MKNE...
  8. BIGJ541

    ****new oregon area forum come join****

    Hey come check us out we are newly up and would love to help Oregon vapor community strong. I live in Eugene but I do make it up to Portland as much as I can I plan on coming up to the Portland area meets to spread the word of Oregonvapers lol. Please pm me if you have any Question or...
  9. BIGJ541

    Five Pawns Queen Side

    Man I just got this in the mail today I love it its my 2nd fav maybe first....=)
  10. BIGJ541

    Hercules Rebuildable Atomizer (Ithaka Clone)

    I have one I never use i was thinking when i get a pipe mod clone i might use it
  11. BIGJ541

    your top 100% VG juice!!!

    I am about to order Alien Visions Boba's Bounty for the first time ive never tried it . I hear alot of hype tho
  12. BIGJ541

    What mod is this?

    Prometheus that is by Grand Vapor
  13. BIGJ541

    What mod is this?

    thats what im rocking hits harder than anything ive ever used dripper and all
  14. BIGJ541

    You fav sub ohm juice

    I have noticed sometimes flavors I liked before now that I do mostly sub ohm stuff now they taste way different. My Top fav at the moment is Uncle Junks Jon Wayne and Five pawns Queen side I need to find a cheaper one I like I just ordered some ry4x4 and I need to make a few just have been...
  15. BIGJ541

    Introducing the Precise Strata RDA

    I will grab one of theses in a 510 for sure looks nice sucribing to thread for sure
  16. BIGJ541

    Need an all VG RY4 any suggestions?

    Damb 8mg im trying to go down from 6 not up I really wanted to try this I might just have to any I would have ordered 0 if they had it
  17. BIGJ541

    What is the best high end RBA?

    So far the best RBA for me has been the Prometheus b grandvapor. iam looking forward to tring some other wicks on it but I have been just using ss mesh on a dual coil .05 ohm set up