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  1. Hawise

    Changing Pre-purchased e liquid pg/vg levels

    Wondering is good. Here's how it works: You have 120 ml of 50/50. You want an unknown amount of 70/30 (PG/VG). Since you're starting with 120 ml of half-and-half, you have 60 ml of PG and 60 ml of VG. You can't reduce the VG, so 60 ml will have to be 30% of the final volume. 60 ml is 30% of...
  2. Hawise


    Assuming you're still planning to use 30 ml bottles: Start by calculating the amount of 100 mg/ml base you'll need. 30 ml (of diluted base) x 20 mg/ml (the final concentration) = 600 mg of nicotine 600 mg (of nicotine) / 100 mg/ml = 6 ml (of undiluted base) An alternative way to calculate...
  3. Hawise


    It should indeed. Thanks for the correction.
  4. Hawise


    Question 1: Yes, it's possible, but no, it wouldn't make much of a difference. If you dilute your base, you'll have 50 mg/ml nicotine base (at 50/50 PG/VG) instead of 100 mg/ml at 100% PG, so you'll have to add twice as much base to get to your target nicotine concentration, which will end up...
  5. Hawise

    Hello! Aegis Solo 100w help?

    What wattage do you vape at? The best battery for someone depends on their regular and maximum wattage. Then again, Territtoo's advice is good - Molicel p26a or p28a are solid choices.
  6. Hawise

    Help me dilute

    Yes. If you want to work it out yourself, it's a simple ratio. 9 mg/ml is a quarter of 36 mg/ml, so your 125 ml of 36 mg/ml has to make up a quarter of the final product. 125 ml * 4 = 500 ml so Total product - juice you're starting with = amount you need to add 500 ml - 125 ml = 375 ml
  7. Hawise

    Did the batteries in JUUL devices get worse?

    Hi and welcome. A lot of things can affect battery life - the age of the batteries, how long they were in storage before they were sent to you, storage and shipping conditions (e.g. temperature, the batteries' level of charge while they were stored) - so it's possible that it's just a fluke. Of...
  8. Hawise

    newbie help required please

    Welcome, grissto. I'm another who agrees with the advice you've received so far. When you say: You're mostly right, but there are actually two main styles of vaping. There's DL (Direct Lung), which is inhaling directly into the lungs, and MTL (mouth to lung), which is probably how you smoke -...
  9. Hawise

    Newb question about battery resistances.

    I agree with the advice you've received so far, but I thought you might like a rundown on what these mean. 3.6 v - This is the cell's nominal voltage, meaning basically the voltage it spends most of its time at. The batteries commonly used for vaping are all 3.6/3.7 v, so that's just standard...
  10. Hawise

    Hi and a few questions right out of the gate.

    Welcome to ECF! Having a few setups is always a good idea. Not only can you swap flavours, but it's vital to have a backup around in case something goes wrong with your vape - especially with vape shops so inaccessible for you. I'll offer a few tips for you to consider: I noticed you have a...
  11. Hawise

    Getting off cigarettes

    It worked for me, as well as plenty of the people around here. Different people need different approaches. For me, I knew a lowkey, low stress approach would be most effective. I ordered some vape gear and told myself I was going to try to cut down to save money (while sort of hoping I'd be able...
  12. Hawise

    Indonesia bans palm oil exports

    It should. If you get the right grade of VG, it's something like 99.7% pure and most of the remaining 0.3% is water, so the source shouldn't make any difference. Of course, there's always the difference between 'should' and 'is'.
  13. Hawise

    Vaping Health Long-Term

    I'll join in the chorus. I've been vaping 9 years and have only seen benefits. The last several years I smoked I got serious chest infections / possible pneumonia each spring, and I've not had a single one since I switched. Good data on long-term safety isn't really possible given that vaping...
  14. Hawise

    Hi,Why my new 521 v2 shows Lo?

    What resistance should your coil be? It probably means the coil/coils are too low to read. From what I can see, the CoilMaster 521 v.2 should fire down to 0.1 and read to 0.05, so if your resistance is below that it won't read.
  15. Hawise

    Temperature control?

    @KurtVD explained the main benefit of TC above - if you take long vapes and/or chain vape so the coil heats up, with TC the vape will stay the same temperature instead of overheating. If you're fiddling with your TC settings while the coil is still hot, something else is going on. Basically...
  16. Hawise

    Nic juice and clothing stains

    Like @smacuser, I find that juice usually washes out easily enough. On a few occasions when I've been concerned about staining, I've used Ecover Stain Remover or a stain remover bar like Fels Naptha along with a lot of water. I also agree with the tip about not using a dryer until you're sure...
  17. Hawise

    Need a new charger

    Mods often discharge to 3.2v or 3.3v, with a few going closer to 3v. Any decent charger ought to be able to recharge batteries at that level, but you remembered correctly about the 2v limit. A lot of chargers won't charge batteries that low because they aren't safe. Some chargers have a...
  18. Hawise

    Hi there.

    A lot of things can affect how long a coil lasts, but a day is awfully short. If you don't mind answering a few questions, someone around here should be able to help you track down the problem. What wattage are you vaping at? Does the burning taste happen when the juice in your tank is low, or...
  19. Hawise

    Long time vapor but, need some noob advice.

    It's true that single battery mods are in the minority - mostly because so many people vape at higher wattages now - but it's large and healthy minority. They're easy to find, and plenty of new versions are still being produced. Dual battery mods are much better at balancing the change now, but...
  20. Hawise

    RTA DTL MOD - Salt Nic Recommendation

    Welcome @jimee01! I haven't tried the Ares 2 so I can't advise you on that, but I thought I'd offer a few tips on terminology. I see you've sorted out the MTL / DL distinction, but just to sum things up, the main differences are: MTL and DL really refer to different ways to inhale, but they're...