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  1. Rudeboy615

    Dirty wick. Unhealthy?

    I was wondering if vaping on a gunked coil is unhealthy. I'm using a Kayfun 4 and if I don't change the cotton after every tank, (taste only gets bad after two tanks) I get a lot of black stuff inside the chimney and I assume into my lungs.
  2. Rudeboy615

    Aspire Triton 1.8ohms rebuild?

    I'm trying to rebuild these pre-made coils but have not had any success. I'm loving the Triton 2 for mtl with the 1.8 ohm coils. My next try will be using a .5 Clapton shell with the bottom airflow pin from the 1.8 coil. I'll try changing the cotton around the juice holes (haven't been able...
  3. Rudeboy615

    Reuleaux rx200 TC issues

    Hi, I'm using the Reuleaux rx200 with tobeco velocity v1 clone. Dual coils, ss316 ud wire, 26 gauge, 9 spaced wraps, at .3ohm. I'm using preset ss option and have also used tcr set to 90. My issue Is that every time I use it, the previous temp I used is inadequate. With watts set to 75, one day...
  4. Rudeboy615

    Reuleaux rx200 nitecore i4

    Will charging 3 batteries in the nitecore i4 not properly marry them since two batteries will be charged at 375ma and one at 750ma?