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  1. tweazee

    Plastic BOTTLE Co-op (MOD APPROVED!)

    Hi all, Sorry I have not been online for the past week but had medical emergency last sunday, and just got out of the hospital last night. I havent read my PM as yet but will respond to them soon. I will PM the mods as well. Thanks, Tweazee
  2. tweazee

    LiteCig coupon code & flavors

    So are there any new coupon codes coming up???
  3. tweazee

    KR808 battery

    Are there any coupon codes for litecigusa (I see a spot on their website for one).
  4. tweazee

    KR808 battery

    My aunt uses 2.5 KR808D1-batteries a day. So you might want to get 3 of them.
  5. tweazee

    Plastic BOTTLE Co-op (MOD APPROVED!)

    ***I have several hundred (approx 600) -- 3ml bottles -- when ever anyone needs more, just let me know and I can send them out.
  6. tweazee

    Ask A Question (game)

    No shoes! I like bare feet! So what is your favorite fall color on the trees?
  7. tweazee

    Plastic BOTTLE Co-op (MOD APPROVED!)

    Sorry for the late ness on del conf# (work and school was very busy these last 3 days). I sent them all out today. Let me know if any bottles were damaged in shipping or if any are missing and I will send out new ones. Thanks everyone!
  8. tweazee

    Plastic BOTTLE Co-op (MOD APPROVED!)

    Sorry everyone, had to work on saturday, so didnt get the bottles in mail until Monday 11/1/2010. They should get to everyone on wednesday. I will PM you your delivery conf# & shipping cost. ps... post office stated that any packages over 13oz in weight had to be shipped via priority...
  9. tweazee

    Plastic BOTTLE Co-op (MOD APPROVED!)

    ok, will see if they all fit
  10. tweazee

    VG allergy?

    What it the NIC mg strength you are vaping?
  11. tweazee

    Dry Mouth? Use Biotene!!!!

    Where can you buy it?
  12. tweazee

    Plastic BOTTLE Co-op (MOD APPROVED!)

    I have received the rest of the bottles - we were few short on the 60ml, but I will take it out of mine, and contact the SKS supplier. My aunt worked all the sks bottles last night & this morning ahs has them all seperated into sandwich/quart bags. I will be getting everyone's order...
  13. tweazee

    Liberty Flights in San Diego !!!

    Who likes to pay for shipping? Not I. Check out their forum -- Liberty Flights ps... you can PM the supplier and get a response :)
  14. tweazee

    Plastic BOTTLE Co-op (MOD APPROVED!)

    Ok, here is some bad news on shipping cost: Priority shipping for 111 qty 3ml bottles came to $5.95. -- If I remove the bottles from 3ml price diff -- shipping breaks even. Priority shipping for 278 qty 3ml bottles came to $8.20. So everyone (except the following) will need to PM me...
  15. tweazee

    Plastic BOTTLE Co-op (MOD APPROVED!)

    all 3ml bottles have been bagged in sets of 20. There were 10 extra full set bottles. I have about 24 extra lids, and 10 extra dropper nipples, so hopefully no one is missing anything. If you do find mis matches on the 3ml, let me know so I can ship them to you. I will be mailing out...
  16. tweazee

    syringe vs pipette

    The hole on the 1ml syring is big enough for both PG and VG. I use it a lot as I mix 3ml bottles. PS. I think perfum app sent me some very tiny pipettes and the VG works on them as well. However they do not have any measurements on it.
  17. tweazee

    Plastic BOTTLE Co-op (MOD APPROVED!)

    I received email from UPS that they will be delivering the SKS shipment on Thursday. If they arrive on Thursday, hopefully I can ship everyone their bottles on Saturday morning. Cross your fingers, toes, legs, arms, and eyes that they arrive at my house tomorrow. :)
  18. tweazee

    Plastic BOTTLE Co-op (MOD APPROVED!)

    Who wants to do a happy dance? The 3ml bottles came by UPS today!
  19. tweazee

    Kr808d-1 Holloween Giveaway! More to come.

    Love your juice & kr808 batteries
  20. tweazee

    100mg Nic juice co-op (Mod Approved!)

    Received mine on Friday. Thanks LuLu