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  1. MonicaV

    Fight for Your Vape T-Shirts

    Cignot Colorado now has "Fight for Your Vape" skull t-shirts! You can also find them on
  2. MonicaV

    New RDAs at Cignot Colorado

    We now carry: Mutation V3 glass bell caps. Freakshow Mini's Tugboat Slam Caps
  3. MonicaV

    eGo One in all configurations is in

    The eGo one colors are cool. I might have to get a red one!
  4. MonicaV

    Smok XPRO M50 - Yet another small thing!

    Can't go wrong with the 4400 mAh on the 50W. It's my "travel" device when I'm driving a lot or going on vacation.
  5. MonicaV

    Lemo 2!

    All Cignot locations now have the Lemo 2 in stainless along with; Lemo Drop and Original Lemo in both black and stainless.
  6. MonicaV

    New flavors at Cignot Colorado!

    We now have Breakfast at Teleos Milk!
  7. MonicaV

    Merkury is back!!

    Merkury is back at both Cignot Colorado stores! 30ml's in 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18mg. Smoked Banana Custard Nectar Cartoons Carnival Little Miss Dori Cake
  8. MonicaV

    SX Mini M Class is here

    I'm really enjoying this device. I like how it tells me that I'm blind and I need more juice :)
  9. MonicaV

    Mile High Vaper's Festival!!

    I am too! This one is supposed to be much bigger!
  10. MonicaV

    iSticks from Eleaf

    We now have Eleaf's iStick mini, 20W, 30W, and 50W in stock!
  11. MonicaV

    Mile High Vaper's Festival!!

    Have you heard? Mile High Vaper's Festival will be hosting great guests such as Amy Hanks, Vapestars, and vaping advocate Greg Conley. Can't wait!
  12. MonicaV

    I have opened a new section on the website!

    The 4Nine is by far one of my favorite devices. I liked it so much I got the Prime as well.
  13. MonicaV

    Vape Bash 4!

    Here at Cignot we are getting psyched for Vape Bash 4! In honor of the annual vape celebration we will be bringing in some new exciting items! Keep your eyes peeled! Don't forget mark your calendars for April 17th and 18th. For more info check out; Welcome to
  14. MonicaV

    Smok XPRO M50 - Yet another small thing!

    vjdossey which one did you end up getting?!
  15. MonicaV

    Second shipment of Delta 2

    I'm really enjoying the RBA on the Delta II. Paired with the eGo one battery, It might become my all day vape!
  16. MonicaV

    New Kanger Items

    All stores are now stocked with the SUBTANK Nano and SUBTANK Mini as well as their OCC Coils in .5 Ohms and 1.2 Ohms. Mini comes with a RBA base!
  17. MonicaV


    All stores now have both the Lemo and the Lemo Drop in stock in stainless and black. We also have replacement glass for the original Lemo!
  18. MonicaV

    New RDAs at Cignot Colorado

    We now have: Mutation v3's in white, stainless and black. Cloud Champ's in stainless and gunmetal. Dot Atty along with the matching drip tip.
  19. MonicaV

    Eleaf Spare Parts!

    We now have the following Eleaf parts in stock; 510 bending adapters, 510/ego adapters, and original Lemo glass.
  20. MonicaV

    New flavors at Cignot Colorado!

    We now have Breakfast at Teleos Crunch!