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  1. Cann0n

    My first mech mod

    My uncle and I build this one together. Is from a dollar store flashlight. Equipped with a protank. The size of the switch only allowed room for a 18350. No fuse or safety measures... If it blows up, it blows up. My uncle wanted to help and he is a master at projects like this. He builds tesla...
  2. Cann0n

    My Octopus RDA hits with harshness

    I've been playing with my Octopus RDA for about 2 weeks now. I've been getting an extremely harsh hit. I dosed down to 6mg nic level on all of my juices because I don't like a strong throat hit. My stock coil started getting gunky and harsh so I decided to replace the coil to get some hands-on...
  3. Cann0n

    USPS - Upgraded Shipping

    I placed my order early Wednesday afternoon and upgraded shipping to 2-3 day. I would have done it overnight if the option was available. I understand the 4th of July put a kink on shipping this week... The tracking number didn't start working until this morning (Saturday). It hasn't even left...