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    is ecf chat down ? it's been allmost a week and i can't connect anymore...

    hey all, well the title self explains :) any one knows what happend ? thanks. arik.
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    nicotine juice, worldwide shipping with paypal ?

    hey all the title says it all, any 1 knows of such a thing, since greenhouseone stopped accepting paypal i have no where to buy from.... thanks for the help.
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    Calrification about post : feeling sick after vaping.

    first of all let me start by saying HC has great customer support. :blush: newsunshine has been alot of help, listening and fixing any problem i have. i am very grateful for the customer service i got from them, and will continue to buy from them regularly. that being said - i would like to...
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    feeling sick after vaping.

    dear healthcabin staff, i've been enjoying your products for alot of time, and was ordering alot of stuff from you. lately i opened a 18 mg mint HC juice, i started vapin it and everything was fine after few days i started feeling sick now everytime i vape the juice again i feel sick :( i dunno...
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    A Package i recieved today :) but still got a problem.

    Today I got my Package :) order number : 50660 1st of all I would like to say that HC juices are awesome! I'm really happy with them thank u so much. from all the juices i tried and did try alot from various vendors, i must say HC juices are the best for my taste, thank you so much and i...
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    sorry to be a nag but... (burned attys)

    dear healthcabin staff, i got today my order or 2 lr attys and 2 ego batteries, and both attys are burned inside allmost completely.. i didn't understand what DOA means, but i ordered 6 attys in the last month, except 2 all of them dead. please advise. Thanks Arik
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    Dear healthcabin staff.. (problem with 2 shipments)

    hey healthcabin staff, 1st of all lemme start by saying that u got great products and for the most part i really enjoy them. my Ego 1000mhz is so nice, and i am really excited that it helped me stop smoking. now having said that: i have a problem with 2 orders i made, 1st order : the 306...
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    Suppliers willing to ship to israel.

    hey all :) i'm a vaper yes i am : ) been off analogs for allmost 3 weeks and lovin every minute of it. i would like to know, if any vendors,juice makers, mod makers, will be willing to send to israel, for now i got 3 ego's and few juices, but from what i see there is a world to explore and...
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    2 weeks+ into vaping...

    well what can i say, vaping changed my life, my life at home, at the office, with the misses.. it practically changed it all. 2 weeks and still no need for an analog.. i'm so happy bout it. i ordered 6 - 7 juices but still the tastes oh the tastes.. except for virginia from healthcabin... all...
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    Got my stuff from HealthCabin, and Yes i made another order.

    well i just got my package after 8 days it arrived, as promised all tightly and nicely wrapped, the health-cabin team shipped it on the very day, i am so pleased and so excited bout vaporing i made another order for juices and extra parts so i can carry it with me all the time. on a side note...
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    12 hours into Vaping !!!

    well i wanted so bad to make a thread like this one, after i read really inspiring theards about stopping smoking. well 12 hours into vaping my joye ego, 1st lemme say i smoke a 26mg dekang ry4 which is nice, but i really feel like if i was eating nicotine gum when smoking it. i feel like it...
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    my 1st order :) hopefully smooth sailing from here on !

    hey !!! just wanted to inform yall i made my 1st order (i think rather big one with spares to all hehehe) after reading alot bout e-cigs, hopefully it'll help me stop smoking :) the site is very informative and great prices, from what i heard great customer service. :))))) that's bout it just...