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    BORING Contest time!!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win
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    Constantly burnt taste

    When i use my kanger protank 2 mini i useally take out a peice oh the whick n i vape at 4.1 volts but my coil is 2.5....
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    Need help with me igo-w rebuild

    I have that same issue but unlike you i cant just go to the nearest smoke shop n ask them to do it since i moved.... but i found sum videos on youtube and figured ill try it i accidentally ordered 32 guage kanthal wire n 4mm braided silica so i used wat i had at first it went bad but after alot...
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    GG China Clone Fire Button gets Really HOT!

    Does anyone knw where i can get the button.... my lock on it broke ....
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    best guage wire and wraps for igo-w

    I just built my first one today first what I did was watched a few youtube videos n use different tricks from different people I used 32 kanthal wire twisted w. 4mm braided silica wrapped 3 times n im getting .61... im trying to get .80 but I cant but this is still good for me n my first build!!
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    twisting 2 pieces of Kanthal together for a coil.

    Passstubs can i ask wat pen is that one??
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    Ksd kmax telescoping hybrid.....what do you think?

    I thnk the kmax is pretty good . I had gotten the red n chrome..... it was kinda confusing to me at first adjusting everythng since im new to vaping n this will be my first vv vw.... got the hang of it just watch out though sum tanks wnt work for it.....
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    Hello Kansas Vapors !!!

    Wassup buddy I'm from Dodge... but now i live in California...i just got into vaping about a month ago....becarefull this hobby gets expensive!
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    Advice on what setup to get!....

    Yea sumthng simple till i get bored need sumthng consistant this kmax i have to mess w. 2 much ..... but when it gets going it does wrk good!!!
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    how fast did your vaping devices advance?

    Hello and it seems like my gadgets surpassed my knwledge of vaporziers... I alrdy have 4 mods and about 8 different tanks.... if it dnt wrk for me or I got to messed w. It ill usually just go buy another one.... which sucks cuz when I useto smoke the only tool I needed was a lighter.... and this...
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    ProTank 2 problems, need help!

    What i would do is Dump out the old liquid n wash everythng.... that has happen to me bfore and that seems to fix it....
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    kmax and protank issues

    Well I figured it out... I had to change the inside middle part and add another peice of wick.... but now it hits like a champ!! Sorry still new to vaping dnt knw all the terms yet...but thanks for the tip on slow drawing .... now I get those big clouds like I see everyone on youtube!!
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    KSD KMax...just putting it out there.

    I have the red n chrome kmax and boy im hoping that dnt happen to me ......
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    kmax and protank issues

    I recently bought the protank 2 mini and I cant seem to get any kind of airflow whem trying to take a drag... I have unscrew it to where its just basically holding by a thread... is there a fix I can do???