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  1. BigLou

    Do you take your larger PV out in public

    For the first month or two, I felt uncomfortable vaping in public. Now it is like second nature and I have no problem vaping the big provari in public.
  2. BigLou

    You know you're a Vape-Head when...

    when you can drip in the dark
  3. BigLou

    Someone...PLEASE STOP ME!

    The fear of an e-cig ban has feuled my buying spree. My collection is more like a hoard.
  4. BigLou

    My rant about the NY ecig ban

    How many here voted for these guys last November?
  5. BigLou

    Are tobacco flavor juices safe?

    No, caffeine does not contain coffee. Nic does not contain tobacco. My question is- does tobacco flavor contain tobacco?
  6. BigLou

    Are tobacco flavor juices safe?

    Yes and trees grow in soil but what does that have to do with my question? Edit- I did not have my coffee yet so switching caffeine and coffee is not fair at this time of morning LOL
  7. BigLou

    Are tobacco flavor juices safe?

    Good point but my question is- do they contain tobacco. Once I know that, I can make up my own mind.
  8. BigLou

    Are tobacco flavor juices safe?

    Nobody has any thoughts or information regarding this?
  9. BigLou

    What will happen to BWB if NY bans E-Cigs

    I don't want to get too political on this forum. I will say that you get the politicians that you vote for. When you vote for people that do not make individual and business freedom a priority, this is what you get- the power of Government to regulate you as they see fit.
  10. BigLou

    RAW DUCK TIP: Cheap dripping atties (Cartomizer "MOD" )

    I have been doing this to my boge LR cartos when I am finished using them. It is not easy to get the filler out of these cartos w/o damaging the heating element and the "sock" around it. Only about 50% are usable in my experience. Maybe I'll get better at this. They do hold 10 drops when...
  11. BigLou

    Are tobacco flavor juices safe?

    We know that smoking tobacco is not safe. We also know that "chewing" tobacco is not safe. Do tobacco favored juice contain real tobacco extracts? (besides the nic). Are they synthetic and contain no real tobacco juice?
  12. BigLou


    Not sure what atty I'm using. I cleaned an atty and popped it on a few days ago when I got the PV. I have not taken it off since it is working like a charm. ProVari reads the resistance at 2.0 and its shorter than a joye 510. May be LR. I am still new to vaping and I get my atties mixed up...
  13. BigLou


    This thing vapes like a champ. I never liked atty dripping or cart on my ego. Always used LR cartos on the ego. Now I love dripping! Full, rich, smooth draws. The ProVari is beautifully crafted and feels good in my hand. The case is very strong but I am careful not drop because of the...
  14. BigLou

    loss of satisfaction

    Not vaping for a few days is not realistic, but the principal sounds good. Instead of vaping non-stop to to and satisfy, why not go just a bit longer than the comfort level. If it is hard to go more than 2 hours w/o, force yourself to go 2 1/2 or 3 hours. Set a timer. It has to be somewhat...
  15. BigLou

    FDA at it again...tell your Representative

    Just sent letter to my House rep. Also have been submitting info to the "submit tips" box on the
  16. BigLou

    Good news, bad news

    Yep I have one on order. Two more batteries as well from a flashlight company!
  17. BigLou

    Good news, bad news

    It Was The Cord! Thank you Icoth!
  18. BigLou

    Good news, bad news

    Yes that is the charger and no lights at all. I will see if I can find a different cord- Thanks!
  19. BigLou

    Good news, bad news

    OK I'm officially going crazy now. Been calling local Radio Shacks for the battery and charger and they have no idea what I'm talking about. Feel like smoking an analog.
  20. BigLou

    Good news, bad news

    Thanks. Seems like folks here "feel my pain"!