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  1. BigLou

    Are tobacco flavor juices safe?

    We know that smoking tobacco is not safe. We also know that "chewing" tobacco is not safe. Do tobacco favored juice contain real tobacco extracts? (besides the nic). Are they synthetic and contain no real tobacco juice?
  2. BigLou


    This thing vapes like a champ. I never liked atty dripping or cart on my ego. Always used LR cartos on the ego. Now I love dripping! Full, rich, smooth draws. The ProVari is beautifully crafted and feels good in my hand. The case is very strong but I am careful not drop because of the...
  3. BigLou

    Good news, bad news

    Just got my ProVari yesterday and it vapes like a Champ! After one hour of vaping the low bat light started blinking. Put it on the charger but no led's light-up. Strange. Left it on charger overnight but the battery does not have a good charge. I don't think it is the battery but I'm not...
  4. BigLou

    How the heck do you fill this carto?

    Just received some clear Magma cartos from Volcano. I use my needle but juice just runs out the other end and does not get in the chamber. I can not figure it out.
  5. BigLou

    Noob does it!

    My first crack at diy failed. I was vaping less than two weeks at the time. That was only two weeks ago so I'm still new to PV. Just received some 80/20 juice from supplier and to me all I tasted was VG. When I realized that to me, VG was overpowering to PG, I knew that I could go back to...
  6. BigLou

    Dark Juice

    I am a noob and only seen juice from a couple of places. Just got three small bottles from PreVape and they are very dark- almost black. Flavors are cigar, blueberry & coffee. Is this cool? Other jiuces I have seen are clear with a yellow/brown tint.
  7. BigLou

    Any mods to increase airflow?

    Anyone ever drill-out the air holes or do anything to improve airflow?
  8. BigLou

    How long can you use a carto?

    I am on day three of a lr 510 carto. Just keep adding more juice when needed. How long can I do this before I have to discard or clean it?
  9. BigLou

    Mega battery question

    Just received my first Mega battery. It looks exactly like the regular ego batteries. Question- is that right? How do I know if the vendor just shipped a regular battery?
  10. BigLou

    510 -> eGo

    Only vaping one week and I already upgraded from the 510 to eGo. Being a cigar smoker (fat ones!), it was tough putting the skinny "pen" in my mouth. Although the cart is the same diameter, the eGo certainly looks, and feels better to me. Airflow is an issue with me. I love cigars with...
  11. BigLou

    My first DIY supplies will avrive soon

    My only experience with vape is my 510 and four bottles of juice. Bottles are not marked with regards to mix of PG/VG so I have no idea of the mix that I will like. Before I mix my own flavors, I think I sould experiment with different PG/VG ratios. Any suggestions?
  12. BigLou

    What would a ban in the US look like?

    From a business point of view, they can kill legal sales and create a black-market. As a PV user, how can they stop us from getting supplies? Don't see them banning PG, VG, flavorings, or batteries. They can regulate access to nicotine. Would the possession of an atty be a crime?
  13. BigLou

    Noob DIY Questions

    I am extremely new to PV but I have my reasons to start DIY juice. My question is regarding nic%: If I want a 5mg product, and I am using 100mg nic, wouldn't I need one drop of nic per 20 drops total product since 5 is 1/20 of 100?
  14. BigLou

    Is vaping a vice?

    My Father used to tell me: "Don't trust a man that claims he has no vice". Do you consider vaping a vice?
  15. BigLou

    OK, I got my first kit

    Hello All, Just got my 510 kit yesterday. Works well but I want to find something more powerful. I realize that finding what works for me will be a process, and there is no simple answer. I have cartamizers on order for the 510, but I want to test different systems as well. Would a 801...
  16. BigLou

    Severe Food Allergies

    I have life-threatening allergies to tree nuts. Peanuts are not a big problem but I stay away from them as well. Obviously I would not use an Almond favor juice. What if a mixer of, let's say, a chocolate favor juice added almond or other nut extract. Taking that directly into my lungs...
  17. BigLou

    Good Airflow

    My Joye 510 Mega kit should arrive tomorrow. My only vap experience is a veppo disposable cigar. My goal is to replace my 15+ year cigar habit. I smoke very wide cigars (60 ring) that are not packed too tight. Reason is that the draw is super easy. If I find the 510 draw too difficult...
  18. BigLou

    Brand new! nico questions

    Hello All, Been a heavy cigar smoker for about 15 years. Smoke 5 to 6 big, full bodied cigars/day. I try not to inhale and I have no idea how much nicotine I would need to replace. Just received my veppo disposable e-cigar with medium nicotine. It is my first vap. I picked the e-cigar...