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  1. subversive

    Periodontal disease. Menthol?

    Hey, all. In general, I have roughly zero concern with vaping. It's been 6 years, and my lungs certainly don't feel like smoker's lungs. I have no doubts that vaping is much safer than smoking. I do want some input on this issue, though. I'm 31, so fairly young, and I have very healthy, strong...
  2. subversive

    Another person behind on the times and in need of help.

    Vaping has gotten bizarre. I have been using what simply works for a long time. For me, that's been cartotanks and basic 18650 VV tube devices and Boge standard resistance cartos @ 4.8 -5 volts. Prepunched standard resistance cartos have been increasingly hard to find. I ordered my last batch...
  3. subversive

    Stolen CC info/Shipping issues

    Just wanted to throw out there that I ordered from this company for the first time recently. I do not have any malware or spyware on the computer I used to place this order. It's a relatively new PC that I built myself, and I have scanned with both Malwarebytes and Spybot to doublecheck after...
  4. subversive

    Would you do this? Oxidized nic.

    My nic is old. I've been vaping oxidized nic for at least a year, but I think it might be two. I got it during one of the FDA scares, and while I knew how to store it, I got lazy and didn't bother. Dark place but in the original sealed, plastic bottles. Thoughts? Am I a crazy person? I don't...
  5. subversive

    Looking for a list of VV devices under $50

    Requirements: Uses 18650. I currently have 2200 and 2600mah batteries. Absolutely firm on the price. I only need the unit itself. I looked up the Smoktech Gripper, but they're out of stock on a few sites, and I think that's the one that had a recall at...
  6. subversive

    Batteries for Torpedo

    I have a Chrome Torpedo from Totally Wicked. It does not have a sprung center pin; it has a solid post. I believe it is made from copper since that's the color showing where the chrome has worn off. It does read resistance. Dunno what kind of Lavatube this makes it. It uses flat top batteries...
  7. subversive

    Riva Carto deluxe kits

    Are these gone for good? They were what I would suggest to new vapers and buy for family members. I noticed there are now Riva-T kits, but I really think atty/tank cartridge combos are inferior and can't recommend them to people. Perhaps it's been awhile since I tried it, but I tend to steer...
  8. subversive

    Down to 20mg.

    I've been reducing my nic for a few reasons. I want to save money on DIY and stretch out my nic supply. I also want to get used to lower levels of nic in case the FDA regulates e-liquid down. This is more controversial, and not as immediate as the above reasons, but I'd like to one day be done...
  9. subversive

    "Ask the Doctor" section in my local news.

    lubbockonline .com /health /2013-03-20/ dr-roach-exercise-wont-help-sagging-neck-skin# .UUuUKFeRcSY Hopefully I broke that correctly. The second Q&A on that page appeared in my local paper today. A woman asked about her husband's electronic cigarette habit and COPD. It did say that it was safer...
  10. subversive

    What strength snus do I need?

    I would like to try out Swedish snus for fun and as a potential backup for vaping. I'd like to have another option just in case I one day feel forced to go back to smoking. I did a quick bit of reading and found an online US retailer, but I'm not sure what to order. I was a 2 1/2 PAD smoker but...
  11. subversive

    Totally Wicked's LT ( Torpedo ) screen flashing

    I have a warranty, so definitely don't want to do anything to void it. I got my chrome LT clone on Christmas. About 2 weeks ago, the button stopped firing every time I pressed it. I wiped down the unit and started pressing the button more firmly and more in the center and decided an occasional...
  12. subversive

    FA Perique Black

    Does it taste like FSUSA's Wyatt Earp? I don't like Wyatt Earp. I don't usually vape tobacco, but I wanted to get some to play around with. My choices are coming from the FA tobaccos. I don't want sweet or graham cracker tastes. I like a harsher vape with a lot of TH and would probably be mixing...
  13. subversive

    TPA's Sour

    Just got TPA's sour and sweetener. The sour is 20% malic acid in PG. Wondering what a good percentage to start with is. Going to try to make some sour fruit juices. I know sweetener is to be used sparingly. I tasted a drop of the sour, and it was really bitter. I'm hoping it makes my juice tangy...
  14. subversive

    Doublechecking before ordering and mixing.

    For safety and clarification, I wanted to post this here before ordering my first DIY supplies. I'm planning on ordering a 30ml bottle of 100mg VG nic. I will buy 120 ml of pure, no nic PG for dilution as well as a few Flavourart flavorings, pipettes, and rubber gloves for handling the 100mg...
  15. subversive

    VV Riva Battery

    Saw VV Riva batteries on the site a few weeks ago. Decided to order one today and they seem to have disappeared. Are they going to be coming back, or not sold at all?
  16. subversive

    Menthol for a noob DIY'er

    I like Menthol Ice from Halo because it has a genuine menthol taste. Other companies tend to have a spearmint taste. Seems to me that menthol, provided I can find a good genuine menthol flavor ( crystals? ) from a vendor, could be very easily made. I don't taste a tobacco flavor in Halo's...
  17. subversive

    Cigar liquid - Black and Mild Milds. Help, please.

    I've never smoked Black and Milds and I'm not a tobacco-flavored liquid vaper, so I need some help with this. I know there are some tobacco/cigar enthusiasts out there who have tried tons of tobacco flavors. I know Backwoods Brew, Halo, and AVE are all highly recommended. I want to get a 0 Nic...
  18. subversive

    Ego-T / Riva fit?

    Will an Ego-T atomizer fit/work on a Riva 510? I know they make 510-T's, but a friend of mine wants to try an Ego-T atomizer and I told him I would find out if they are compatible.
  19. subversive

    Clean or toss atomizers?

    For those out there who use atomizers on a regular basis.. Once an atomizer starts to draw hard/perform less optimally, do you : A) Clean it in an attempt to get it working like new. B) Accept it as a disposable part and replace it with a new one. C) Replace with a new one, but keep the...
  20. subversive

    Joye 510-T atomizer + cartridge

    I'm currently using Riva batteries and I drip 100% of the time. Sometimes, of course, it's not all that convenient. I wanted to try a tank system so I would have something on hand for driving and around-town use. I'm assuming I can just order a 510-T atomizer and 510-T cartridge to give it a...