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  1. dysfoundation

    Need PayPal help.

    Soo I recently just purchased a mechanical mod through the classifieds and things are becoming a bit sketchy and I need some help with actions I could take if worst comes to worst. First thing is I requested a invoice through PayPal for the price of the PV. Then after paying I have yet to hear...
  2. dysfoundation

    MtBakerVapor RDA's

    Hello everyone! Just a quick question, has anyone used these? And if so would they be OK for pocket storage at work? I'm an IT guy and my work doesn't care if I vape but I like to keep my PV in my pocket while I work. I've heard these guys can leak while carrying around so figured I'd ask :)
  3. dysfoundation

    I want to see your gaming rig!

    I just want to see what the other gamers around here are using. Xbox ps3 PC it doesn't matter! Just post up a picture of your battle station and maybe some specs and enjoy! Here's my setups *remember I'm a poor college student so don't much haha* The puter has and 965 x4 at 3.4ghz...
  4. dysfoundation

    Some questions on my project

    Well I'm in the drawing stages of my electric hookah and I'm sure most of you can guess its going to be based off of ejuice, outlet power(d/c right) and tank design but I do have some questions that hopefully some can help with. First of all if I want my vapor to travel through a 2ft I...
  5. dysfoundation

    When will ikenvapes sight be back up??

    I have become a HIGE fan of ikemvapes fusions (by sheer accident) but his sights down and I'm on my last one :-\... anyone know when it'll be back up?
  6. dysfoundation

    Borderlands 2

    So I just watched some videos on the upcoming release of borderlands 2. And I gotta say it looks awesome! I never got to play borderlands but I may save up to get it on steam...if its available
  7. dysfoundation

    is it my pallet?

    This confuses me to this day..even after years of vaping... I can drink wine and taste mostly everything put into it. I can eat a nicely put dish and sense the spices and combinations used to create it. But any time I try a new juice it tastes the exact same as every other juice.. I steep, I'll...
  8. dysfoundation

    Vapor sites in unattended?

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong sub forum. But I have been looking at ordering froma ecig shop near my area But when i email them a question and I haven't had a response in a couple of weeks... Should I assume this site is no good
  9. dysfoundation

    10ml a day?

    I have vaped off and on for awhile now aand I've always been astonished at the fact that people can cape through even 4ml a day!! I use a m1a1 tank buzz pro and fusion cartos at around 5 to 5.5 volts and maaybe go through 2ml a day... am I doing something wrong bahaha Posted using Rooted galaxy...
  10. dysfoundation

    Black ops on steam

    Any1 here play?? Or have steam in general?? I currently only play black ops right now (funds seem tight from starting up vaping and school lol) just looking for people to play/chat with Posted using Rooted galaxy s2 -blazer rom 1.45Ghz-
  11. dysfoundation


    Any vapers playing black ops on steam?? Or have steam in general? *edit vapers not capers lol* Posted using Rooted galaxy s2 -blazer rom 1.45Ghz-
  12. dysfoundation


    my first day off in a week and i cant find anything to do so now i am bored beyond belief... go figure right?:facepalm:
  13. dysfoundation

    quick guide to tanks

    ok so after 2ml of my favorite juice on mega carto and a bit of trial and error i think i have found the most beginner way to prepping a cartomizer for a tank. i will list the steps in the simplest way and if this gets enough hits/likes/posts il make a video/series of pictures for everyone =]]...
  14. dysfoundation

    I couldn't take it anymore

    Since I am currently waiting the right shipment of cartos my DIY side and impatient side decided to join together and create something Posted using Rooted galaxy s2 -blazer rom 1.45Ghz-
  15. dysfoundation

    What can I do...

    To save time and space Basically I ordered 5 510 cartos from ikenvape and ended up receiving 801 cartos.. now I have new juice a new buzzpro and unuasable cartos... I sent in a email Saturday as soon as I opened the package of incorrect cartos and I haven't had any responses from them so I'm...
  16. dysfoundation

    Freedomsmokeusa..what happened??

    So idk if there is a requirement now or if they stopped giving free samples with their orders now.. But I was a little heart broken to not see the 3ml of a juice sample :-(. I used to act like as if I was one of the cool test vapors when I tried the juice sample hahaha. But I'm just curious...
  17. dysfoundation

    shipping, why you no come all at once!

    So on Sunday I had ordered a buzzpro l, juice from freedom smokesusa, and 5cartos from ikenvape so I could use my buzz pro.. But as luck would have it I got all my stuff except the cartos today :-( SHIPPING WHY YOU NO DELIVER ALL AT ONCE! Posted using Rooted galaxy s2 -blazer rom 1.45Ghz-
  18. dysfoundation

    I'm a veteran???

    I just realized I had the ECF veteran title on here...dunno how I got it but I liiikkeeee Posted using Rooted galaxy s2 -blazer rom 1.45Ghz-
  19. dysfoundation

    Buzz pro tank help

    Ok so I will be ordering a buzz pro soon (used to have a infinity) and I also wanted to get the 1" m1a1 tank Can anyone point me to any blank cartos that will fit this tank?? Notcigs is currently sold out and other sites are not as informative on cargo length... Posted using Rooted galaxy s2...
  20. dysfoundation

    Haven't been on since september

    Hey everyone! I haven't been on in awhile School and work made me quit baling and fortunately I have managed to curb smoking but I'm starting to get those urges again.... Hence why I'm back lol. its been So long since I have kept up with the vaping world idk what's new and great anymore :-( I...