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    Innokin Sceptre II Kit Launch - Refined Resilience

    The Auto Draw should still work with the airflow wide open but you will have to draw on the pod quite hard and in a RDL or DTL draw style.
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    Coil question

    Yes they will, they fit all the Marvos series. The MS-D 0.15 ohm is rated 60w + and the 0.35 ohm is 30W-50W but that is only a guide. I use the coils at a lower wattage.
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    Innokin Sceptre 2 Pod Kit | Reviews by Z-Lee

    Great review @Z-Lee, as always very informative and very detailed.
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    Keep A Word/ Drop A Word Thread Fun!

    Road Kill
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    Help Short Circuit

    Take a look at coil wrap calculator and you can see what type of wire and how many wraps needed to get the resistance you want.
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    Help Short Circuit

    Yes. When building a dual coil deck using the same resistance coils, the individual coil resistance will be halved. You can buy say 0.25 ohm coils and when fitting these on a dual deck the overal deck resistance will be 0.125. Alternatively if your making ur coils u can increase the number of...
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    Help Short Circuit

    The working resistance of the OBS Cube Pro is 0.1 ohm to 3 ohms. It will work with 1 coil at 0.12 ohms but if you put 2 coils in its halving the coil resistance to 0.06 ohms which takes it below the mods minimum working resistance.
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    Innokin GOZEE 60W Kit | Reviews by Z-Lee

    Really great review @Z-Lee, excellent detail.
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    Freemax Vape Kits Recommended: Which Do You Like Best?

    I have all 3 and each one are very good in their own way. They are in my opinion some of the best affordable devices around producing really good performance.
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    FreeMaX Maxus Solo Starter Kit - Review by Z-Lee

    No the LED backlight remains at the flashing half light intensity throughout the charge cycle and turns static when its fully charged. I was pleased to see that @Freemax_Jerry did this on the Solo as the last couple of mods/pods they released didnt have any indication during the charge cycle.
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    FreeMaX Maxus Solo Starter Kit - Review by Z-Lee

    It was only fresh in my mind cause I'm writing up a review of the Solo. Mines nearly done apart from taking the photos. So far I'm impressed with it, seems a really good single battery mod. The light show is a bit in ya face but good it can be turned off. Yes a timer on it would of been nice. I...
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    FreeMaX Maxus Solo Starter Kit - Review by Z-Lee

    Great review @Z-Lee. The Time Out of 5-15 seconds is the draw duration. Default of 10s but configurable. The mod will cut off whatever it's set to.
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    Innokin Klypse -- It Just Klypse

    The magnetic dust cap works really well and also looks good too. The overall weight of the klypse is very light so very easy to carry. Performance wise it's pretty good too. A very simple and easy to use device.
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    Aspire Rebranding

    Looks like the Omega symbol on its side.
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    Juice DIY Oregon

    You can also google E Liquid Calculator under, that will do all you want.
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    Juice DIY Oregon

    As an example, if you want to make 100ml of eliquid with a strength of 3mg you would use 3ml of your 100mg/ml nicotine.
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    Juice DIY Oregon

    Diluting the nicotine down from 100mg to 3mg is carried out when you mix your diy eliquid by adding your flavor concentrate, your pg and vg base mix and a small amount of nicotine. The exact quantities are determined by the amount you want to make and the pg vg ratio your after plus of course...
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    Powerful Vape——Smok R-Kiss 2

    Looks and sounds impressive, I liked its smaller brother, this looks a beast.
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    What Flavor Percentage?

    From experience I've found different manufacturers eliquid needs to be mixed at different flavor strengths. Some require 5-10% where others I mix at 20% strength to achieve my desired taste. It's always best to experiment first and start off about 10% and see how you like it. You can always...
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    Changed to another coil that was rated for higher wattage and it got burnt. Nooo.

    The flavor should still come through just not as intense. I increase from low then go higher until I'm happy with the vape. Its definitely worth starting low on a new coil first then slowly increasing it.