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    Low vision coil wrapping

    how far can you space it? Keep having trouble making it too big and the coil touches the side of the cup. I figure this is part of why my coils don't work, I figure that would short them.
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    Low vision coil wrapping

    So I have been playing with the Vivi Nova for a week or so now. I have low vision, and I'm still trying to wrap my own coils. I have the process down, i can get it mostly there, but my coils won't fire. Anyone have any ideas for something that might make wrapping the coils a little easier?
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    new here...hi! :)

    Welcome to the forum! An Atomizer (atty) is the device with a heating coil, that you either drip into, or a cartridge might attach to. It is what connect to your battery that actually heats the liquid to vaporize it. There are all sorts of different atomizers out there, and what you use will...
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    VAPE MEET!! May 19th 7pm @ Buffalo Wild Wings in Grapevine!

    I'd love to go to this. I work in Carrollton til 6:30. Anyone coming from that direction? I'm not able to drive, but would be cool to attend.
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    diamante vs provari

    I hadn't thought about disadvantages of stacked batteries. Reading ohm of the atty is nice, and the provari would give me that read out, but I'm usually pretty careful with my stuff. I have a VVPV, it hits great I figured it would be similar to the Buzz, but I've never actually used a Buzz...
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    diamante vs provari

    I'm considering getting one of these two mods next. I figure most will say provari, but just wanting to see if anyone had any good info on why one over the other.
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    DFW Vape Meet - 3/23 SUCCESS!! Boomerjack's Arlington

    So it was on the 23rd??? I'm sorry I missed it ):
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    to tank or bottom feed?

    I use both. It depends on if I'm in the mood to use and atty, or a carto. Some flavors i think are better in a carto, and some I like the punch they have in an atty. Also depends on what I feel like carrying that day. if I want a tube-mod with a tank, ormy Reo Grand that's a feeder. I've...
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    Prefered cleaning method for 510 atty?

    I use everlcear to clean mine, I have a dropper bottle I use t. I run the everclear through it, blow it out and then burn off the excess by running on the battery for a few seconds til it is glowing. classwife's method might be more thorough, but I just take a couple minutes to clean it out...
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    The VVProV Discussion thread

    I ordered mine on Saturday/ Can't wait for it to come in!! Looks really awesome.
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    A PBusardo Review - Vision Stone II Tank Mod - GotVapes

    I've had great luck with mine, after some use. It seems to wick better after awhile. After the first couple times I filled it, I don't have to flip it for it to wick, nearly as much. I usually have to wait until it hits almost bottom. I think I get some of the best flavor I've ever had out...
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    why is a 510 atomizer called a 510?

    Then why is a 306 named as it is? It uses 510 threading At least all the ones I've seen and used have.
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    Weird E-juice flavors

    TPA? Not amiliar with them. Clint Vapewood looks pretty cool, I found a couple flavors I might have to try. Too bad he doesn't have a clove..
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    Weird E-juice flavors

    Can you provide links?
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    Weird E-juice flavors

    Herbals would be interesting. I think that is more what I'm looking for. I randomly looked for Juniper e-liquid (I like gin), but I did not find anything in a google search. I used to smoke cloves, so I liek spiced and complex flavors. I will look at Perfumer's Apprentice. I think you are...
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    Weird E-juice flavors

    no way. I listen to Vaporcast. I've heard them mention in several episodes how bad that e-juice is. Besides, I'm not a huge fan of crab to begin with.
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    e-juice flavor concentrates

    i've been thnking about making my own e-jiuce, but I'm not sure what types of flavors are used. I'm not sure what will actualy vaporize and jsut wondering if there is something I can do besides buying concentrates.
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    Weird E-juice flavors

    I'm willing to try other flavors, just seeing if anyone has any favorites or something to recommend.
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    Weird E-juice flavors

    So, There are several fruit and dessert flavors out there and several I enjoy, but I want to find something different. I've tried some of the savory ones liek bacon, or pizza and what not, don't care for them. Just wondering if anyone had suggestions for some strange or interesting e-juice...
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    Variable voltage vaping

    I finally ended up getting a Lavatuvbe, because of the price. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not havinga good experience with it. 1 I don't get a true 6v out of it, I can tell I've ran my SB at 6v and this isn't the same. I feel like I'm getting better vapor with a low res...