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    Low vision coil wrapping

    So I have been playing with the Vivi Nova for a week or so now. I have low vision, and I'm still trying to wrap my own coils. I have the process down, i can get it mostly there, but my coils won't fire. Anyone have any ideas for something that might make wrapping the coils a little easier?
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    diamante vs provari

    I'm considering getting one of these two mods next. I figure most will say provari, but just wanting to see if anyone had any good info on why one over the other.
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    e-juice flavor concentrates

    i've been thnking about making my own e-jiuce, but I'm not sure what types of flavors are used. I'm not sure what will actualy vaporize and jsut wondering if there is something I can do besides buying concentrates.
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    Weird E-juice flavors

    So, There are several fruit and dessert flavors out there and several I enjoy, but I want to find something different. I've tried some of the savory ones liek bacon, or pizza and what not, don't care for them. Just wondering if anyone had suggestions for some strange or interesting e-juice...
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    Dallas Meetup

    Anything in the works for a Dallas meetup? Anyone interested in one? Looks like thsi has completely died, I hope that isn't the case.
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    VV ego passothrough battery

    [V.V. Passthrough] 650/900mAh(Variable Volt) USB battery(Passthrough) for 510/eGo - $21.00 : Healthcabin Electronic Cigarettes - Wholesale and Retail--his is a 650/900mAh VV Ego passthrough battery. Has three different voltage settings, just like the JoyeTech passthrough, but this one is a...
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    I've tried the Kretek from Tasty Vapor. I heard so many good reviews I was excited about it, but it tastes really funny and doens't really taste like a kretek. So far I've been vaping Vaporescence's clove flavor that are all pretty good. Just seeing if anyone has a recommendation of a good...
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    Steampunk mod

    Any suggestions for something that looks steamapunk styled? I've seen the Touchwoods, and those look great, just kind of curious if anyone knows of any.
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    Flavor on Lavatube.

    I just got a lavatube a couple days ago. It gets great vapor production with standard or LR but with my cartos, I'm not noticing much flavor out of it. Wondering if this is something anyone else has noticed, or if there is something I can try. I hate to ahve gotten a new mod that I'm not...
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    Variable voltage vaping

    I'm wanting my next PV to be VV. The ProVari is a little out of my budget and the Darwin is way too pricey. I've been considering the Lavatube or possibly the Madvapes VV mod. Any suggestions for VV mods for someone that is starting in VV?
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    cr123s not lasting.

    Ok, I can't post this in the batteries forum. I've have had pretty consistent issue with stacking batteries for 6v vaping. At first it was with cr2s with my copper, then when I got my silver bullet, the cr123s aren't doing much better. After a charge they usually only last me about 1 to 1.5...
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    Greetings to all!

    hey I'm new here!! Been vaping consistently for about two months now. I've been switching be tween my Silver Bullet and my Reo Grand. Usually running 3.7v with low res. i'd like to vape at higher, but have issues with CR123s. Apparently 6v vaping does not like me. anyway, Hope to meet some...