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  1. wingman399

    Closed/Sold (US) - Selling - Authentic ZNA Lite with non-authentic 18650 tube

    For Sale/Trade Selling: Authentic ZNA Lite with non-authentic 18650 tube Condition: Good Known flaws: It has a little discoloration from the heat around the top cap and a few scratches here and there. Nothing major and that effects performance. Image: Description: Authentic HoH ZNA Lite...
  2. wingman399

    So what's the deal provarmy? (provari hype?)

    Took me a while to buy one. I got one used here on ECF and man it was worth it. Consistent vape EVERY single time. Wish it was wattage just so I didn't have to do calculations and adjust for every atomizer but I'll deal with it. It's just that good. Plus they are built like a tank. I would...
  3. wingman399

    A ? Roar Vapor Vs. Seduce Juice - the creamy base flavor

    I love the peach serum from Roar. I think it has the creamy base in it. I just ordered some seduce juice so I'll let you know how they compare.
  4. wingman399

    Seduce Juice

    Truth Serum from Roar Vapor is awesome. I LOVE the peach one. Just ordered some seduce juice so I'll try to let you guys know how they compare to each other.
  5. wingman399

    ROAR/RAWR vapor?

    I just got the peach and truth serum. Both are absolutely amazing. Nice and light but oh so good. I tend to like the fruity blends with honey, something sweet. Nebula nectar from moon mountain is one of my favorites, starship from space jams. They're worth trying
  6. wingman399

    Kayfun Clone

    I bought this one. Kayfun Lite Russian Atomizer Clone RBA Tobeco Direct Revision 2 5 w New Airflow | eBay Hits great. Tastes good at 15 watts on my SID. Rebuilt it and put a 1.6 ohm microcoil in it and other than the stupid whistle, it's great. You can tighten up the draw and more or less...
  7. wingman399

    Take a Break and Vape with Mister-E-Liquid

    Just a quick question. I know you have the 10% discount for new orders. Do you have anything for returning customers? Loyalty program, discount after so many orders? Just curious because I see myself continuing to order from you guys many, many times in the future.
  8. wingman399

    Sample review thread! Share your thoughts :D

    Haven't tried the protank mini but I have tried the anyvape davide mini and I like it. It's a little tighter draw than the protank and you can take it apart like the protank 2. I bought two and I'm really happy with them and use them more than my protank.
  9. wingman399

    Sample review thread! Share your thoughts :D

    Can we get a flavor profile on your samples? I'm thinking an order is coming soon and I want to know what to request for samples. I loved me some apple strudel but that peach cobbler may be a winner. Plus I have no idea what copperhead is and four of a kind. It's nice to know that I've got a...
  10. wingman399

    PIF Group Treasure Chest- USA - Please read first post for rules and guidelines

    I'd love to try those. Never taken a TC.
  11. wingman399

    Carto Tank on Vamo

    All of my stuff wobbles. Protank, carto tanks, ego style's, all of them. I also have an occasional problem with misreading ohms. I need to get a better oring and try that. I'm sick of it being a pain in the rear. I'm getting a SID as soon as I can.
  12. wingman399

    I Need A Hot Vapor...... Suggestions Anyone

    I found the iclear 30 to have a heck of a hot bite. I little too warm for my liking. I tend to like the inbetweens. Not too hot, not too cool.
  13. wingman399

    Finally a good day

    Ahhhhhh....... This is what I've been waiting on. A good day. Got my samples from vermillion river. Ky4, Applewood Kentucky Blend, and Banana Kentucky Blend. Love them all. Really great accurate flavor and great vapor. Got some juice I traded. Moon mountain vapor Tranquility Trama and Buzz...
  14. wingman399

    Reassurance on recipe

    So this is a copy of my final recipe. I hope. This is leaving the TA(TFA) 10% from wizard labs straight out of the bottle, no diluting. All of the other flavoring %'s I used the recommended percentages, from ECF, and based them on how prevalent I want that flavor in the mix. Comes out to...
  15. wingman399

    Oh man... don't tell my husband.

    Syringe with Blunt Tip Needle - One Stop DIY Shop Store This ones not bad. Pretty cheap.
  16. wingman399

    Oh man... don't tell my husband.

    Yeah I think the portable 2 is the same. There is a grate at the bottom so the blunt tips of the bottle is out.
  17. wingman399

    Reassurance on recipe

    So would I leave the TA as mixed from wizard alone and mix into my recipes as is or do I still need to dilute it? This stuff can get confusing. Thanks for all the input.