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  1. Joe Joe

    What is Ecopure?

    I haven't been on the forum for a while and now I see people talking about ecopure smoke juice? What is it? If there are multiple flavors, what are the most popular? Thanks in advance
  2. Joe Joe

    1st dead atomizer

    Lost my first atomizer today. :( It was a 901 atomizer. RIP After 50 days. Problem is I didn't use it 50 days straight. I think I messed it up using rootbeer flavoring. I tried a coca cola bath, but it was dead. Good thing I have 14 more. I should return it. LOL Hope you're having an amazing...
  3. Joe Joe

    USB passthrough problem

    I have a manual usb passthrough from bestecig - when I push the button to initiate it, it won't turn off. I'm connecting it to a kensington batterypack. The really strange thing is, when I remove the atomizer it works fine. wtf?
  4. Joe Joe

    JS v2

    I read Janty is releasing the Janty Stick v2 Tuesday. I got one pre-ordered and am curious what I will be receiving. Anybody know what the difference between the v1 and the v2 will be?
  5. Joe Joe

    Ry4 mvs

    How does RY4 from my vapor store stack up with other store's RY4? If you've tried RY4 flavors from multiple stores, can you rate the flavors per store? thanks
  6. Joe Joe

    Ice drops!

    Want a little extra kick in your cig flavors, or just some fresh breath, add a drop of "ice drops" to your cart. WHOA!!! It's like . . . BAM! LOL You can get them at any liquor store or gas station for $1 or less. I bought both spearmint and Icy Mint. I didn't buy the red one because it...
  7. Joe Joe

    Passthrough and Lighter adapter

    I tried to use my 901 manual passthrough from Ruyandirect today in my car with a wicked lighter adapter charger to no avail. Why didn't this work and what do I need to be able to use my passthrough in my car? Thanks
  8. Joe Joe

    Best throat hit!

    Inhale in through your nose! HA HA HA!
  9. Joe Joe

    JANTY STICK 901 adapter

    I noticed Janty just introduced an adapter for the 901 atomizer. My question is, why would anybody want to use a 901 atomizer with the Janty Stick? :confused: Isn't the 801 atomizer a better draw than a 901 atomizer? If so, you can get 3 801 atomizers for roughly the same price as a 901...
  10. Joe Joe

    Travel and Vaping PCC and Airport Security?

    I'm leaving for Cabo on Thursday and I'm wondering how Airport Security will feel about a PCC. Has anybody brought a PCC on board an airplane? I am flying out of LAX on AA. Thanks
  11. Joe Joe

    Manual switch models?

    Which model e cigs have manual batteries or atomizers? I already have the 510 and love it (other than the battery life) and want MORE MORE MORE! :w00t: thanks in advance
  12. Joe Joe

    Lorann Flavors

    I know this post is relative to taste, but I'm wondering if there is a consensus on: What flavors to buy What flavors NOT to buy (based strictly upon flavor) Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  13. Joe Joe

    Best Flavors?

    What is "Spike" and "Kick" flavor? (sorry for the newb question)
  14. Joe Joe

    Recipes for commercial liquids?

    Does anybody have the recipes for the commercial eliquids? Tennessee Cured Flue Cured? Tobacco flavors? etc I came close to the Tennessee cured flavor by mixing "Vanilla Ice Cream" with "Original Tobacco" . . . but not quite there yet. I think I need some kind of butterscotch or caramel...
  15. Joe Joe

    If I was a STAR WARS character . . .

    my name would be DARTH VAPER YouTube - Darth Vader Smoking: The Dark Side of Cigarettes
  16. Joe Joe

    Tennessee Cured

    WOW! :thumbs:
  17. Joe Joe

    Will these flavors work?

    I found this website that has a 24 pack special. I'm curious if all these flavors will work for a DIY? I know there are candy "oils" aren't water soluble which (from what I understand) will damage your atomizer. Are all these...
  18. Joe Joe

    Fluval 2 stuffing

    I read some threads regarding the fluval 2plus polyfiber filling. I picked up a pack yesterday at my local fish store and have tried it in my 901, my 510 and my 801 with varying results. 901 - didn't take long to wick, but lots of juice escaping the cart into my mouth. 801 - takes long time...
  19. Joe Joe

    Anybody else refill your carts like this . . .

    I remove the fill when It's empty, fill the cart with nicquid without the fill, then replace the fill and let it soak in. Then top it off with a drop or two. Anybody else try this? Seems to work really well and seems to be a great way to maximize the amount of liquid in your cart. (shrug)
  20. Joe Joe

    How much do you buy?

    When you purchase your VG, PG, Commercial E-Liquid and flavors for your recipes, how much of each do you buy?