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  1. Elmasryahmed

    Eleaf Istick 30W screen issue

    I introduced a friend of mine to vapeing, so I got him an Istick 30W, which he liked a lot, Unfortunately after he used it for almost an hour, then he started to discover it by playing around with the bottoms, and suddenly the screen is totally blank and the screen is not turning on any more...
  2. Elmasryahmed

    Japanese cotton wicking help

    I used organic cotton for my wicks for the last couple of month with no problems, then I got KGD Japanese cotton to try, now I always get dry hits, and sizzling sound ( juice burning sound ) after each draw, so I'm guessing that it's not wicking properly, I tried every way of wicking I managed...
  3. Elmasryahmed

    Evic fix help

    A friend of mine dropped his Evic, afterward the rotating selector ring has no effect when rotated to the right ( to increase the wattage or any other function), but it's working fine when rotated to the left side, Is there is any fix for this issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Elmasryahmed

    Need help with Shiseido cotton!!

    I'm in a short trip to Nagoya (18 hours trip), so I decided to get some Japanese cotton, looked around and found shiseido cotton, but all the packs are written in Japanese, not sure which one to get, can someone please help me... 1 2 3 4 5 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Elmasryahmed

    AW Batt question

    Just got couple of AW BATT from different places ( Ireland &Malaysia ), can someone help me to verify if it's real or fake AW, also what's the different between both, as some is 2000mha and some 2200mha 20A. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Elmasryahmed

    First rebuildable atomizer, any advice is appreciated.

    Hi all, just received 2 Russian clones from FT to check how is it gonna work for me, now they r just soaked in a warm soapy water to clean it up, checked a lot of threads here for different builds, I plan a single coil @1.5 ohms (not sure if I'll use 28 or dual 32 twisted kanthal), I remember...
  7. Elmasryahmed

    Provari P3 is here.

    After a long time spent on reading different reviews and comparison between the P3 and DNA 30 device, I got my hands on a P3 while visiting a vaping shop at Dublin, I couldn't resist it ( I know it's less power and over priced) but the quality of the built and the feeling I couldn't resist :)
  8. Elmasryahmed

    Evic vs itaste SVD performance

    I've both evic and itaste SVD, I noticed when switching the same tank (aerotank v2) 1.6 ohm that I built from evic to SVD, there is a big difference in vapor production, SVD produces a bigger and stronger vape, is there is any explanation from any of the experienced members here of why?!!!
  9. Elmasryahmed

    My first post

    Hello everyone, just thought of a quick introduction first excuse my English as it's not my first language, I'm an expat who lives in Dubai ( where ecig is banned ) and it's a pain to get my supply!!, I'm analogue free since March after 22 years of smoking, started with ego starter kit then...