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  1. polz

    product request

    Hi Amy Would it be possible to stock the echo cartomizers (like these) but with dual coil like this? They are FAR better than the single coil type Thanks for considering
  2. polz

    a little help and battery info please

    been using EGO so I know nothing of batteries except you plug em in you use em you plug em in again Now I've just gone and ordered the DON (Megaldon), and need some battery advice (not particularly interested YET in high voltage) I'm aware the Don takes 18650 and 18350(mini mode) and I'd be...
  3. polz

    Price INCREASE???? but claimed to be DECREASE

    It claims on your site that the EGO T Low resistance Atomizers (type A) are reduced from $10 to $8.50, but the price has been $7 for quite some time and has only recently changed to claim this. I have ordered several times (as recent as two weeks ago) at $7 and was very disappointed to see not...
  4. polz

    Hello all, intrduction and a question please

    Hi, been lurking round the forums,and not yet posted so here goes been vaping (I love that word) since the 9th of last month, well over a month now YAYme, and was one of the lucky ones- first vape and managed to drop the analogues right off - I literally had my last ciggy whilst opening the...