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    I have 4 new evods from 2 companies none of the batteries work Why??

    Its so frustrating that the batteries just don't work. I wore out my last e-cig. I was yearning for an e-cig they finally came and they appear to be dead as door nails. I spent close to $60 on batteries that just won't work. I kept clicking the bat 5 times like the instructions said, nothing...
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    What is going on with all these Box Mods?

    Hi all! I am curious to way so many vapors are now using Box Mods. I can't give you any kind of honest reason why I don't care for them. My main reason is I don't like the way they look. I may be all wrong and missing out on something good. It appears to me that they will soon out sell even...
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    Has anyone ever ordered from this vendor? I have been checking them out for a long time. But nary a word from anyone, unless I missed it. I am always on the wrong side of the road. Proof positive I am of English decent.:p
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    Looking for a beyond good Butter Rum

    Hi Guys, I don't drink and never have but I like the liquids with booze the best! :toast: I found early on in 2009 that I was addicted to rum. I really like Geof's from Tasty Vapor. I want more liquor. Sorry, not very lady like, but I have been on the 'Outside' section of this forum for...
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    e-Cigarette 101

    Has anyone heard or purchased anything from e-Cigarette 101 the prices are fantastic?
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    E-Liquid alcholic/Coconut Rum

    Does anyone have a great palette for alcohol, good alcohol e-liquid? I love Rum and any other type of booze. It is usually easy to find rum, the others, not so much. Did I mention the Irish Cream tastes bad no matter where I get it. Did I mention I love Rum???:p Also all the top shelf...
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    HELP!!! Have you stayed analog free without switching to a Mod after 4 yrs of vaping or less???

    I have become a half and halfer. In other words after 4 years I have begun to smoke again, at least part time.:facepalm: I enjoyed using Vaplife VP1,s. I had two of them and they both died on the same day. To make the story short I had the same problems with them as many other people did...
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    Am I the only one here that dislikes FAT BATTS????

    Dislike is a mild word for the way I fell about egos, rivas, etc. Fat batts in general! :evil: I have had both and hated both. Well the ego didn't actually live long enough to really feel my true feelings about it. It was pink so just maybe it could sense my utter distain and just killed...
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    Mild E-Liquid Rant and I NEED HELP REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been vaping for almost 3 years, up until now. In the last few months I have been vaping half the time and smoking the rest of the time. Ok that was my public confession.:oops: This is partly to do with a lot of stress from having MS and 9 deaths in the family this past year. I know...
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    Butter Rum/ who sells the best.

    I so love Butter Rum. I have tried Tasty Vapor and they are good. Anyone know of a super awesome Butter Rum. Sorry so fast and short. I have to be in bed an hour ago!:D
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    WARNING!!!!!!!!! SPARKI SP3 Caught on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I purchased the sparki and within a week it is totally gone. The atty stopped working within 2 days. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I went to recharge the batteries, the charger caught on fire. The thing wasn't even plugged in!!!!! The charger is now a melted piece of plastic. The springs...
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    What makes the Volt so special??? Haven't seen this many pages since the GG!

    I am so serious! I have been vaping for about 2 1/2 years and getting tired of it. 2 of my favorate mods just died, and I got this pack of cigs hidden in the car calling my name. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEEDED FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Any Doomday sales???

    Ok we have 1 hours, 58 minutes, 7 seconds left. Any good sales going on???? Post fast!!!! LOL
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    Pineapple e-juice addict needs help Real Quick!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have one very picky mod that only likes pineapple or Pina Colada e-juice. I was getting it from Vaporrenu, but they became too inconsistent. I have 2 e-cigs and 3 mods going at the same time, with different juices. A girl likes variety! I have been around for awhile and tried many...
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    penny auction sites on the internet. Great deal or Scam?

    I have been looking at a lot of these sites. Has anyone here ever tried one? If you have which one did you use and what you got and how much you actually paid for the item. I see all these people getting $2000. laptops for around $25-$30. Do you think it is a rip off and a scam? Maybe...
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    I’m Looking For This Guy.......Time for your funniest videos!

    These people must be in La La Land!:laugh::laugh:
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    Am I the only one that hates cartomizers?

    I have been looking around for a new brand of e-cig and all the new stuff is cartomizers, cartomizers, cartomizers. Bluck! Are they starting to do away with the 3 piece e-cigs, except for mods? I have been vaping for over a year and a half and want something pretty and different. I already...
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    One of our members turns 109 today, Wish him a Happy Birthday, Please! Thank you, love you all! IF you could leave something on his message board that would be great too! Sorry Bones, I ripped off your vid. Can't do big graphics there...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Rocketfish! 109 YEARS YOUNG TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    How can you tell when your are getting old???