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  1. Georgia Boy

    Photo collection of SWAG PX80

    Green will share my thoughts and pics when received
  2. Georgia Boy

    OSmall v Zero

    Provided by Vaparesso for this review: OSmall Kit Includes 1 - OSMALL MOD 1 - 1.2-ohm regular POD 1 - USB cable 1 - User manual 1 - Warranty card Specs OMNI Board Mini Chipset Dimensions - 84.2mm by 26.5mm by 13.4mm Integrated 350mAh Rechargeable Battery Max. Wattage Output:M 11W...
  3. Georgia Boy

    Target PM80 - Truly Awesome

    Sent to me by Vaporesso for the purposes of this review the Lava version Kit Includes · 1 x VAPORESSO TARGET PM80 Battery · 2 x VAPORESSO TARGET PM80 POD (4ml) · 1 x GTX 0.2Ω MESH COIL - Rated 45-60W · 1 x GTX 0.3Ω MESH COIL - Rated 32-45W · 1 x USB CABLE ·...
  4. Georgia Boy

    Enter the Yocan Regen Giveaway for the CNY Holiday (1 winner)

    #Yocanvape looks pretty nice
  5. Georgia Boy

    Innokin Kroma-R--The Leading Edge 80W ‘Hilt-Styled’ Single 18650 Battery Vaporizer!

    Missed step from Innokin with the Zlide 2ml included in the kit, should have been the Zlide 4ml or Zenith Pro. I will not buy one unless sold as the Mod only.
  6. Georgia Boy

    [Giveaway] Enter to win Topside Lite Kit

    Rules are made to be broken, loopholes made to exploit I guess :rolleyes:
  7. Georgia Boy

    Heart feels like it’s struggling to pump blood around the body after vaping

    If you've seen a Doctor that's all you need, nobody here will give medical advice. It's your choice now what you do with that information.
  8. Georgia Boy

    Happy Chinese New Year from Vaporesso!

    Chelsea Happy New Year to you and the rest of the team, keep on making some excellent products. My Favorite Regulated Mod of the year the Gen. Favorite pod of the year the Degree.
  9. Georgia Boy

    [Giveaway] Enter to win Topside Lite Kit

    1. I am old enough 2. 21700 and Squonk Mode or Regular Box Mod Mode
  10. Georgia Boy

    [GIVEAWAY] VINCI AIR POD! Do you want one?

    1. #VinciAir 2. @GeorgiaGirl @stols001 @Opinionated
  11. Georgia Boy

    The first GIVEAWAY of year 2020! Enter to win the new Vaporesso Target PM80 kit!

    1. Done 2. I expect more pod mods with 18650's & RBA's also 21700 Mods both single and dual. 3. @GeorgiaGirl @Opinionated @stols001
  12. Georgia Boy

    Aegis Boost

    It has made no difference for me which juice I use tried 5 different ones now all the same
  13. Georgia Boy

    Aegis Boost

    A great product, ruined by an awful pod
  14. Georgia Boy

    [END] Christmas and New Year's Giveaway

    2019 Say Goodbye to Politicians, Health Orgs Funded By Bloomberg, Oppression 2020 Welcome to More Friends, Better Understanding, Less Negativity
  15. Georgia Boy

    Saw this on Twitter : plant-based alternative promises to help high schoolers stop vaping

    Saw this in my head, thought it might just work! Parents TALK to your kids don't leave it to others, I know it's a freaking novel concept nowadays :rolleyes:
  16. Georgia Boy

    [GIVEAWAY]New Year Celebration! NAVI Mod Pod

    I wish to be less critical & more forgiving. Good Health and Good Fortune to everyone here. #navimodpod
  17. Georgia Boy

    2019 Thankful For

    2019 Thankful For: My Wife (Georgia Girl), Boys, Dogs, Atlanta Utd, Falcons, Braves, QPR FC my Soccer Team, they need all the help I can conjure up for them. Friends, including everyone here, I never realized there were so many good people standing together, I've learnt so much this year from...
  18. Georgia Boy

    Vaporesso Degree - Small Got Mightier

    A review of the Degree Pod sent to me by Vaporesso for the purposes of this review the Lava version Unboxing · Vaporesso Degree Pod System · 1 x 0.6ohm Degree Mesh Pod 16–22W Recommended · 1 x 1.3ohm Degree CCELL Pod 7-12.5W Recommended · 10mL Refill Bottle · USB Cable · Warranty Card · User...