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  1. GoodInk

    Is this Soldering?

    To me this looks like the NR wire is soldered on, I know I have not seen wire welding like this before. If it is soldered, is it safe? If needed I can get a much better pic, this is just one with my phone.
  2. GoodInk

    VG Friendly Devises

    I want to know what you are vaping your very thick VC juices in, the ones not thinned out. For example Roar Vapor is like hair gel, but Johnson Creek waters theirs down and is much thinner, Virgin Vapor thins theirs also. I'm finding out that I pretty much have to ignore everything thing I read...
  3. GoodInk

    Post if You Think SVC's CS Rocks!

    Once again SVC comes through for me. Once because of Stamps messing with the zipcode and once for a broken part. Thank you very much for taking care of me! You Rock!
  4. GoodInk

    Sugestions Based off What I Like

    I'm looking for something new to try and am hoping someone can make a sugestion based off what I like. I need VG based liquids as I can't vape PG. I can vape Roars 100% VG, now called 20/80 (PG/VG) as their flavorings are PG based. Anyway here we go Likes Johnson Creek: Tenessee Cured (Red Oak)...
  5. GoodInk

    Can't Search Some Threads

    For some reason I can't some threads. The button isn't there, it's a Rate This Thread button. Is there any other way to search a thread? Thread I can't search Thread I can
  6. GoodInk

    Oh How I Hate APO Shipping!!!

    I forgot the pain of waiting on shipping to APO adresses, I can't wait for my boxes to get here. Waiting on a Term V2, RSST, Natural, and e-liquids. One week down atleast two more to go :cry:
  7. GoodInk

    SS Mesh Help

    OK, this is my problem, I keep getting a short and a hot spot after refilling my tank on the top coil everytime. Setting it up I have no shorts or hot spots, vape the tank dry, refill and everything goes to crap. I've tried many coils, and 2 wicks. I'm using an AGT, .28awg micro coil coming out...