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  1. NativeTexan

    Order: 26792

    I was just wondering if I could get a status update on my order. I ordered during the holiday, so I expect it will be a bit of a wait. Order Number: 26792 Date Ordered: 01/29/2011 Thanks!
  2. NativeTexan

    Checking in...

    Hey Rob! Just wanted to stop by and say that the new site is lookin' awesome! I also wanted to tell you congrats on the new store. My mother wanted me to tell you that she is in heaven with the VG Blended Tab. She's tried hundreds of flavors and says the Tab is the only one for her. I've been...
  3. NativeTexan

    LR 510 Atty

    Hey Rob, I ordered one of the LR 510 atties from you yesterday. They are the ones that are supposed to simulate 5v vaping right? I was just wondering, I have been using 6v so long that 3.7v doesn't even cut it for me but it's getting that I can't get good flavor at 6v unless I use menthol, and...
  4. NativeTexan

    Got My Order Today!!

    And what do I find, sitting on top of all the mod parts that I purchased? One of the J108A disposable mini e-cig kits. I thought that was the neatest thing ever, until I put the little atomizer on my little Chuck. This thing produces massive vapor! The little battery that came with it is all...
  5. NativeTexan

    510 Cartomizers?

    Rob, have you looked into these? I saw a post on them in a different sub-forum and I had to get some to try out. If you do take a look at them, let me know what you think.
  6. NativeTexan

    Flying with a Chuck?

    Does anyone have any experience with taking a Chuck or Chucks on Southwest Airlines? My girlfriend is flying to Tennessee to visit her family in March and she is worried about taking her Chucks in a carry on bag. She really doesn't want to leave them here because she wants to let her mom try...
  7. NativeTexan

    Pre-Ordered New SB

    Well, I finally pre-ordered my SB. I've been wanting a mod I could carry in my pocket at work without activating the switch. Does anyone else have experience carrying the SB in their pocket while at work? I work in a manufacturing plant and do alot of crouching and lifting.
  8. NativeTexan

    Refilling Carto's...

    Has anyone tried this? I've been doing this for a few days now and it is freakin' awesome! I can refill all of my carto's in less than 5 minutes this way.
  9. NativeTexan


    Thanks much for the extras you sent me. My kids are enjoying the little flashlights you sent. LOL, they think they keep the boogeyman away.
  10. NativeTexan

    My First Order!

    And I got a neat little blue flashlight!!!! I ordered 4 of the protected 18350's and I don't remember ordering a charger, but lo an behold, there was a charger in my package. Did I really order the charger too? I hate getting old...
  11. NativeTexan

    18350 Charger

    I just bought 4 18350's from Madvapes today, and I was wondering what charger they use. I have one of the universal chargers for 18650's and rcr123's. Will that one work?
  12. NativeTexan

    "Disturbed, Distressed Chuck"

    I was wondering if I could call upon the Photoshop Masters to put this design on a Little Chuck. I will be ordering another Little Chuck for myself, along with a Chuck for my Girlfriend and a Little Chuck for my mom. This one will be for myself. :D:D
  13. NativeTexan

    Coffee, Cappucino, and Mocha...Oh My!

    Hey there, I am interested in some feedback on different coffee flavors. I love the taste of a cup of coffee with 2 or 3 spoons of sugar and loads of creamer. I also like the flavored stuff, like hazelnut, french vanilla, cappucino, etc. I don't get to drink much coffee since it does horrible...
  14. NativeTexan

    Chuck Users: I Need Your Input!

    Ok, I couldn't figure out where to post this, so here goes. My girlfriend is buying me a Chuck and a Little Chuck for Christmas, and wants to know what all she needs to order. I have already thought of my designs that I want on them. I want to use the Chuck for 6v at home, so I know I need...
  15. NativeTexan

    Mom Loves Her 901

    Well Rob, the 901 kit I bought for my mom was not wasted money. It got here Friday and since we hooked up her PT, she has only had 3 analogs. 2 were Friday night because I hadn't given her the right nic strength and the 3rd was last night because she was stressed a little. She said the one last...
  16. NativeTexan

    Bought one for MOM!

    I just bought a new 901 starter kit for my mom. She has smoked for 30+ years and has some health problems associated with smoking. I also included a passthru with her kit, along with an extra atty. Since about 4pm today, she has not touched an analog and has no desire to. She is totally amazed...
  17. NativeTexan

    Another SUPER FAST Shipment!

    Got my order in after work today. Even with the holiday, Rob is super fast. Thanks again Rob!!
  18. NativeTexan

    E-Pipes and E-Cigars

    Rob, can you get e-pipes and cigars? I have a friend who is a pipe/cigar smoker who wants to try those out.
  19. NativeTexan

    New 901

    Rob, you have made me a very happy camper!!! This thing is great. Throat hit, flavor, everything is balanced very well. The juices I ordered with it also taste great. As far as first impressions go, I am hooked on this thing. I will be ordering more batteries and atty's soon, as well as some...
  20. NativeTexan

    New 510, Dead batteries...

    Been using my new 510 for about 2 weeks now, the first battery started blinking after about 3 puffs on it and wouldn't quit blinking. I sat it out to let it die on its own, then tried recharging it. As soon as I put it on the charger, it started blinking again and the light on the charger...