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  1. VapRLady

    Show us your girly, pretty, decorated, pink!

    Here's what I created over the weekend to cover my MVP 2, it's Pretty, it's Pink and I LOVE IT!
  2. VapRLady

    Anybody sanded the chrome on a Protank?

    I would use 2000 grit and then just lightly sand, the chrome is not very thick. I had to re-glue a "leaker" from the outside and then sanded down the extra glue after curing, it did get down to the brass on the edge where there was more abrasion.
  3. VapRLady

    Diy coil building

    I use some 100% Vg juices, they vape well.
  4. VapRLady

    Diy coil building

    There are varying ways to go about it, my current favorite method is 32gauge Kanthal and 3mm Silica wick, this way you can forget about the flavor wicks. I made a video about it: This is by no means the only way to do it, but the basics are there.
  5. VapRLady

    Is the IKV DBOX PuriTank better than the Protank ?

    I just got my PuriTanks, right off the bat they have two air holes in the 510 stem instead of the 4 on the Protank, took a peek at the coil, it is slightly different in design from the eVod. Coil reads 2.2ohms. I find the draw practically the same as the Protank on my Vamo, perhaps a bight...
  6. VapRLady

    Is the IKV DBOX PuriTank better than the Protank ?

    I just ordered 4, I love the idea of being able to use drip tips on them and the Big Tank on my Vamos should be awesome! If you make a video, please publish or send me the link!
  7. VapRLady

    Post Pics Your Beautiful Vamos for All to Enjoy

    Here's my latest Vamo wrap, made by accident when I bought some mini hair ties to restrict the flow of air to the protank, I had a package of 100, so I had many left over after using a few on all my Vamo/Protank combos. (By the way, they work great for restricting airflow to the Protank too!) I...
  8. VapRLady

    Help with Vamo 2

    Sounds like you need to turn down the wattage/voltage, if you get a burned taste, turn down the v/w and dry vape, (vape without hitting the fire button), until you can taste the fresh juice and vape at the lower setting. If you don't dry vape until the burnt taste is gone, by morning the entire...
  9. VapRLady

    Reputable Vendor?

    I have made two orders from Fasttech, one arrived in 10 days, the other is still out there after 10 days but I know they will come through for me, they respond to inquiries right away and feature a return policy, (most don't).
  10. VapRLady

    Vapefest next weekend, I am so bummed

    Sorry you can't make it, will vape for you! See my Banner below for more info, as well as check out Florida groups on the forum for more info!
  11. VapRLady


    I have done it both ways, with two 18350's you will get a hotter burn but when you are vaping using the "watts" setting, (which is the ONLY way to vape IMHO), you get a burned atty taste sooner at lower watts, I prefer 1 18650, this allows more wiggle room when adjusting watts upward and is much...
  12. VapRLady


    You Sir, are a Squirrel of a Guy.... I have ordered form Fasttech and some orders come quick, my current order is a bit slow, but I have confidence it will be here soon, they also have a return and warranty policy, which many overseas sites lack.
  13. VapRLady

    radiator pluid all day everyday

    I lucked into Pluid a week ago from Liberty Flights, the key is to watch liberty-flights thread here on the forum, they will announce when some is coming up and available, I just keep a window open in my browser and check it several times a day at that point. It is very strong anise, (licorice)...
  14. VapRLady

    Post Pics Your Beautiful Vamos for All to Enjoy

    Who's tank is that on the left? It's awesome! Could I ask everyone posting to please describe their setup so other's can search for and find the equipment you are using, I myself simply must have this tank on the left!
  15. VapRLady

    VAMO from

    I just used the wrap pattern that is in the vamo thread and cut it out of leather, used a leather punch and made holes up the back seam, laced them up, then used Crafters leather glue to apply second color of leather over the first, covering most of the lacing in the back. I'm afraid it's...
  16. VapRLady

    Redneck APV holder for car

    I REALLY LOVE your Avatar, LOVE mathematical mirth, (REMEMBER THERE IS NOTHING HUMOROUS ABOUT MATH!). Here's my suggestion for a Vamo, (or other large battery), lanyard or temporary stand. I used scrap leather, crafters leather glue and paper towel/toilet paper roll Haven't worked out the...
  17. VapRLady

    Redneck APV holder for car

    A serrated knife should work excellent for this, we have a pool here at our community, one of the noodles is going to get mysteriously shortened tonight!
  18. VapRLady

    VAMO from

    Got my Vamos from Vaporbreak, this is my second order from them and they both came within 14 days and the vamo's were great, no blemishes or problems with operation. I thought I would share this picture of the package, the box it shipped in was completely crushed but my vamos were fine!:blush:
  19. VapRLady

    Evod on a Vamo, use an adapter?

    Your atomizer may not be screwed in tightly enough to the base make a connection, not on the battery mind you, the base of the tank itself. Open it up and crank down on it. Check your atty tightness everytime you refill, it can loosen when unscrewing. Never overtighten kanger products on your...