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  1. Jim211

    5 ml tank

    Well I ordered a 5 ml tank with my vv mod,o ring was broken. But guess what a minor complaint and had 3 new o ring sets in the mail a few days later. Wish all companies treated customers so well. Thanks Mad Vapes :)
  2. Jim211

    Easy/cheap 18650 mod

    I just built a mod with a coffin box and was so cheap and easy I had to share. Drill hole for horn switch on large end, 510 connector on other. I soldered a spring from a 510 box mod on 1 leg of the switch for the negative side of the battery and a pin from the positive side of the 510...
  3. Jim211


    Just wondering if anyone has ever got back e cigs that were taken in traffic stop. Should i just give up and order more?
  4. Jim211

    New computer

    Sorry all, have been gone for 3 months or so, had bad computer. Just got new one today :) I'll answer back messages as fast as I can. Thanks
  5. Jim211

    Mad Vapes Visit

    Hi all, I went to mad vapes today and was like a kid in candy store. Nice clean operation and a lot more volume than I would have guessed. Even being that busy Hoogie took the time to show me around and show me anything he carried when I asked. I wish I would have taken an atty and drip...
  6. Jim211

    Pics of mods I made

    Just a picture of some mods I had and built myself.
  7. Jim211

    Any interest in blogging a how to when i build my next mod?

    Here are a few pics of my mod i built last week. I am going to build a new recessed mount with a 1xaa battery box this week and if there is enough replies/interest I will post a how-to blog with photos...
  8. Jim211

    mega carto mod

    Ok just built a boxmod for megacartomizers, hope this is right place to post.
  9. Jim211

    DIY juice starter pack

    I just sold my screwdriver and have $40 to try a starter kit for juice mixing. I have nic juice and have mixed a little, usually fail, now looking for suggestions on a sample diy juice selection. Any help is appreciated as I would like to order as soon as I can then stalk the mailman :)
  10. Jim211

    e juice as mosquito repellent

    Has anyone had any experience with juices that keep away the bugs??? I don't want to vape citronella but when i smoked cigs mosquitoes didn't bite. Anyone know of any juice that does the same?
  11. Jim211

    rebuilding cartomizers

    Okay I searched for anything on info to rebuild cartomizers that get clogged up. I tore a few apart and tried to add new filler but they never worked, airflow and all was off. Is there any info on how to rebuild these things? I have went through about 2 a week for 3 months and have a box...
  12. Jim211

    MadVapes Rocks Again :)

    I got a few messed up orders from madvapes, they always make it right :) I just got an order today that had 3.2 cartomizers instead of the 1.7 ohm i ordered and all I did was let them know via email and David sent me a new box of the proper ones within hours. Wow can't say enough madvapes is...
  13. Jim211

    New Order just arrived - new nicotine overdose - wrong cartomizers - madvapes

    I just got a new order in with new juice flavors and am sitting here reading the forums and vaping way to much. I thought the Chocolate strawberry would taste like cheap candy but i was suprised i can't put it down. They send me the wrong cartomizers but a quick mail to madvapes and Mark...
  14. Jim211

    Variable Voltage box mod with lm317

    Has anyone built a variable voltage box mod using a lm317? I have the circuit breadboarded and it works great but the ic gets a little hot and was wondering what size heat sink to use that would fit in a aa battery size slot along with rest of circuits? Thanks in advance for any advice.