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    Heightened cigarette sensitivity

    Very well put. This would also speak to the soap-box preachers that believe they are in their right to vape wherever they please. Respect.
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    Arrrgh Drip Tip died

    Why am I laughing so hard?
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    Classified shipping

    Many of our friends down south will not ship here. Having said that, if you earn the respect and reputation as a formidable northern friend, you will find folks will down south who will bend over backwards to help you out, and eventually you'll have less difficulties. Additionally, shipping...
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    NEW/ODD APVs models you found,post them here!

    ...You forgot about the rectal thermometer feature.
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    You've been vaping way too long if....... call your wife Boba's Bounty while you're having sex.
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    Would I be better off ordering from a Canadian Vendor or just bringing stuff across the border?

    IMO, the juice here is terrible, and I love to spend money in Canada if I can. If you're looking for some Canadian liquid to try, PM me and I'll send you some for free; I've already wasted the money. The overblown hype you'll hear about Canadian vendors is just that. Most of it comes from...
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    Camping and vaping

    Try this......
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    The Cloud Stick

    Hi Kids! I want you to meet a special friend of mine. It's Vapie the colorful friendship mod.
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    The Cloud Stick

    2.5 amp limit = Suckage a la 2011. I'd pass on this one.
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    Anyone get a REO?

    Awwwww crap. That's beautiful. Congrats. I want to vape one with my mouth.
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    If you could only pick one.

    Cried laughing. That's a classic e cig moment. Thanks for this.
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    Blu Ecigs Acquired By Lorillard!

    You said it man!
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    Lets write a story just for fun

    Like travel agents, bookstores, or
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    Lets write a story just for fun

    And brewed a burrito e-liquid.
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    Lets write a story just for fun

    Muttering trollala trollala trollala and
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    Lets write a story just for fun

    Slaying trolls, and pooping in
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    I left a piece of my soul in Timmins, Ontario.

    Sounds like some nasty e-liquid ;)
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    Typo in forum name

    It's been needed, IMO, despite a few flubs that have arisen. We've come a long way, but have so much farther to go. Any positive action, innovation, and company in the past 2 years (that new vapers couldn't even imagine), has resulted from this forum... A new industry always begins dirty...
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    A & E Programs

    That's adorable. Happy one week!!