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  1. Davo

    Dial a Volt LED flashing pattern?

    I have an older Dial a Volt battery that, after charging, will occasionally start blinking a 5 - 2 pattern for a LONG time. It seems to still work OK but I wonder if it is approaching end of life. Any ideas / comments?
  2. Davo

    DAV Rocks

    Well, I haven't posted in a while but I couldn't help to say that I recently purchased a small DAV and it is awesome. Of course great power, but it has a quality feel and action of the switch, air flow is purfect and the price is great. Thanks Steve for introducing a GOOD quality mod that...
  3. Davo

    Old soldier found

    About this time last year I lost my new chrome auto bat... Well today my wife found it in a kitchen cabinet. With a little cleaning and a charge it's going like new.. Minus 365 days.
  4. Davo

    OT: What

    There are so many OT topics posted here I thought I'd post an open all encomposing post...WHAT????? :tongue:
  5. Davo

    USA Juice

    I've looked at a few posts about the new juice, but can't tell if any is like Cowboy. Is that flavor in the new line or going to be? :huh:
  6. Davo

    Two Years

    Well as I sit here topping off a carto I realize yesterday was my second anniversary of not smoking. Thank you V4L and all my peeps here! :tongue:
  7. Davo

    New Cool Carts not performing well

    I recently bought a few boxes of Cool Carts to stock up. I've been using stock I've had and purchased close to a year ago and these newer carts aren't crackling and popping like the older ones did. And the vapor production and TH is way less. Any thoughts.
  8. Davo

    Luv my Elegant Easy

    I got my EE around Tuesday and I'm so impressed with this device. It performs well and lasts all day, the craftmanship is really great and a welcome surprise. Are these made state-side? They seem to have a quality not found with most of the Chinese PV items. It won't be long before I order...
  9. Davo

    Another Cops & e-cigs tale

    Last Friday I had pulled over onto the shoulder to top off a carto just about 200 yards in front of a cop that had a car stopped for something. I had my flashers going and made sure I was a good ways off the highway. So as I was fiddling with my stuff dropping juice into the carto I noticed the...
  10. Davo

    Dimming LEDs on batts

    Just curious if others have had this issue. With several of my newest auto batts about halfway through a drag the LED will change from its initial brightnes to about half of that. Needless to say there seems to be a reduction in the power transfered to the carto. A couple have deteriated to the...
  11. Davo

    Passthru Blues

    I have a fairly new passthru (several months however and out of warranty) that is not even producing a hit as strong as a battery. Has anyone had one act like this? It has confused me to think that it was worn out carts instead. But I've done a side by side compare with another passthru and a...
  12. Davo

    Fragile Batteries

    I’m so frustrated with e-cig’s fragile batteries. I use the KR808D-1 style (auto - FWIW) and several times over the last year plus that I’ve been vaping, I’ve dropped a battery and killed or wounded it. Are we just simply suffering from Chinese junk or what? Are the “store-bought” mod batteries...
  13. Davo

    Increasing the NIC level of e-juice

    I don't DIY but I'm trying to get some better use from some low NIC e-juice I bought. I have some e-juice I purchased that is 4mg/ml and I would like to increase it to around 11mg/ml. I have 15ml of this juice in a bottle and bought some 36mg non-flavored juice. How much of the 36mg/ml should...
  14. Davo

    Another Battery question

    I recently got two new XL batts and they work fine, but I've noticed something odd about their charging. I thought at first it was only on the wall charger, but now I notice it also on the USB charger. I screw the batt into the charger, the LED on the tip of the batt blinks several times (as...
  15. Davo

    PLease welcome my Ole buddy to V4L

    He is Dink44 and I'll try to get him in here so he can meet you guys. I think he's been vapin about 3 weeks now and luvs it... he can fill in the blanks.
  16. Davo

    New Customer - LIKE

    Just to pass this along, it was recently recommended to me that I try GP for an alternative place to get e-juice, moreover VG. Well, not only is the product great but the entire experience so far has been great. Good functional web site, prompt notification of the activities with the order...
  17. Davo

    Sent Messages problem

    When I send a PM to someone, it's not showing up in the "Sent Items". If I get a reply I can then see what I sent, if the person replied with quotes. Any suggestions or am not looking at this correctly?
  18. Davo

    MY tongue feels funny

    I've been vaping awhile (over a year), but oddly, lately my tongue is getting numb or raw like I ate something too spicy or hot... I'm I over-vaping? My NIC levels are at and below 11mg. Anyone else had this occur?
  19. Davo

    VG mixed w/ old juice mix - WOW

    This may be a slight bit off topic and a bit DIY, but forgive me! However, I scrounged up some old V4L e-juice I purchased long before the "Premium" stuff came along and have been attempting to use it lately. It still has the good flavor that I like but the Vapor production was not as good as...
  20. Davo

    Car Adapter Fix

    From the "for what it's worth" department. My Vapor King Car Adapter (Cig lighter to USB) started blowing the fuse in my truck and upon initial investigation I noticed "things" rattling inside, which didn't seem to be a good thing. My curiousity got the best of me and I decided to take it apart...