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    Will AW IMR 18350 work on the Apollo VV mini...

    I have a SS mini V-tube from Apollo and both the IMR 18350 flat-top that came with the kit and AW IMR Nipple-tops work great in it
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    Top 5 vendors (e-liquid)

    This takes all 5 spots for me.
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    Anyone use Ego on LT?

    Actually the statement about all eGo connections on lavatube type devices being the same is not true. CCVs new version 2 lavatube made by Young June has a slightly different top-cap and center pin that I've never seen before. Look at the 2nd picture on CCVs website from your link. I haven't...
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    Anyone use Ego on LT?

    Yeah while it does have an eGo compatible top-cap, not everything fits. I thought that the eGo cone did fit on it, but I guess not. I'm pretty sure my buddy has used hit eGo-T cone on his and he said it fit, but now I'm confused bc doesn't the eGo-T and eGo-C use the same cone? I know that one...
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    RIP Stardust

    Its really only worth it if you place a big order, but health cabin has the new stardusts as well as replaceable tubes and coil heads with the long wicks
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    TORN! - Should I get the mini or regular Apollo VTube.

    Personally I dont see why some people make such a big deal out of switching batteries. I have a SS mini from Apollo and love it. Obviously the regular lavatube has good battery life, but its also big. My friend has a regular size V-tube that Ive used, and I like the mini a lot better. The...
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    Will this fit?

    The black one is not the same as the SS/chrome. The internals are the same, but the end caps are not. The SS/chrome top cap has a built in eGo connector, while the black one just has a 510 connection. Regardless you will still be able to use the stardusts with the adapter
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    Will this fit?

    If your getting a SS or chrome V-tube from Apollo it has an eGo connector built in. Most eGo stuff will fit on fine without an adapter, but there are a few things that dont for some reason. The Stardusts are one of the things that dont fit without an adapter
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    Lost my last eGo battery. Replacement recommendations?

    Keep in mind that the eGo is 3.3-3.4V, not 3.7V. If you want the same voltage, then you'll have to get another eGo bc there's really nothing else that has such a low voltage. For about the same size/price, I think you'd be much better off getting an Epower or kGo. Their both "eGo type" PVs...
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    Questions about Ego

    I would also def get some regular cartos too. The DCTs are great and work well (I have a few 3.5ml tanks that I use on my Epower/eGo twist and a 4.5ml mini DCT that I use on my SS mini V-tube) but their really only good if you have a juice that you really like and can vape all day. If you...
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    Can anyone tell me if a Joye 302 penstyle has SEALED or UNSEALED 302 auto batts?

    I don't know of the 302 auto battery your referring to, but regardless I can assure you that it's not sealed.
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    Can anyone tell me if a Joye 302 penstyle has SEALED or UNSEALED 302 auto batts?

    There is no such thing as a sealed auto battery. The SI Volt "sealed" auto batteries are not actually sealed at all. I'll never understand why SI says those batteries are sealed bc it's pretty much basically just a lie. If an auto battery was actually sealed, how would you be able to take a...
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    Drip Tip Questions

    While I do recommend spending any money on getting a better kit, instead of spending it on any accessories for a Blu, bc frankly Blu's are complete garbage, but if you want to stick with the Blu, they actually have 510 threading (prob the only good thing about them). So a 510 atty and 510 drip...
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    eGo with Replaceable Battery

    Im not sure if ships to aus, but if they do, they sell the 14650 Epower for a really good price. Full kit for about $41. Worth checking out
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    How long does this Tank last?

    Your riva starts at 3.7V on a full charge and slowly drops as the battery drains. LR is generally considered 2.0ohm and below. Low resistance cartos produce a warmer vape with more TH. The lower the ohm, the warmer the vape will be. So while a 1.5ohm and 2.0ohm carto are both considered LR...
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    No luck with the tanks

    Tanks, just like PVs, have a learning curve when you first start using them. First off, what PV are you using and what is the PG/VG ratio of the juice your using? Are you using the pre-punched 1.5ohm dual coil carto that comes with the Smoktech tanks? The pre-punched hole in them is small...
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    best tank forLavatube?

    What version lavatube are you getting? Also what PG/VG ratio is the juice you use, bc if it's thicker juices I wouldn't get the vivi nova. Honestly I don't think I would get the vivi nova at all as a first tank. Ce2 type tanks can be very finicky and require tinkering to get them to work...
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    A question about refilling with e-liquids

    Can you post a link to the kit you got? RN4081 is an uncommon thread type that not many ecigs use. That also means your going to have a very limited selection of cartos you could get. It's obviously important to make sure you stock up on cartos and juice since your going to be gone quite a...
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    Help With Variable Volatge

    I would get the newest one bc it has better end caps. CCVs had the newer 3.2 amp internals, but the old body style. You should just get some 3.0ohm single coil cartos and then you'll be able To use the entire range of voltages. I know you don't want to spend the money, but what's the point of...