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  1. steam heat

    hurricane vaping preparation

    Well here I am in Jacksonville Florida getting all my 18650's charged up as the first band of rain and wind gets here. I don't know if we will lose power or not but I will be charging until then. Just wondering who else is out there doing the same, I would like to here form some other Florida...
  2. steam heat

    motley mods

    I am looking in to ordering a few parts kits from motley mods...has anyone ordered from them before, I have had a hard time finding any reviews for the company. They are reasonably priced and well stocked.....any input would be great!
  3. steam heat

    where do you buy your nic base from?

    I am getting a late start. But stocking up none the less...... I have looked at my freedom smoke and a few others trying to find the best online store to buy nic base from, and was wondering where y'all thought the best place to purchase it... I'm in Florida and obviously fast shipping would be...
  4. steam heat

    im freaking out about possibly not being able to get e-liquid

    I don't know where to start...I quit cigs 6 weeks ago. Now I keep hearing about not being able to get juice anymore in the near future... So I guess I need to start thinking about diy juices, but have no clue where to start...if anyone can point me in the right direction as far as getting...
  5. steam heat

    trying to find a 20mm RTA for my chick.....

    I am looking to find a tank that will be good for my chick, it needs to to be 20mm max she does not like heavy or big tanks and she has 2 smaller sized mods so its gotta be 20mm..that being said I wanna be able to rebuild her coils, I build all my own coils so it sucks to have to dish out cash...
  6. steam heat

    any ideas for my next new mod

    MY chick just broke her cloupor mini l gave her my kanger subox mini mod,now I need to get a new ”smallish" mod for my "at work" vape.. I need something durable, all I need for work is about 50 watts or so.....I have a few 100 watt + mods just a box mod to take to work with me so if...