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  1. the_maiden_fair

    Yet another anti-e-cigarette article on yahoo, add comments please!

    Thanks for trying, everyone! I tried to comment too, but got the same results as others. Guess I will let this one die out and wait for the next anti-vape article. I skim as much as I can when I have the time, so I will watch to post others.
  2. the_maiden_fair

    vape fog on car windows...solution

    Windex did nothing for me, I even ordered "professional detailers" glass cleaner, which was no better than the windex. The microfiber cloth just swirled it around for me. The dish soap solution actually seems to clean it off, it stays clean about a week (due to extreme cold and the amount of...
  3. the_maiden_fair

    Yet another anti-e-cigarette article on yahoo, add comments please!

    I am thinking I may need to as well, ignorance is very hard to combat when we are completely surrounded by it!:-x
  4. the_maiden_fair

    vape fog on car windows...solution

    Take dish soap, put it in hot water, take a rag, dip in water, wring out, and scrub windows. Dry thoroughly with paper towels. It has worked for me very well! I get terrible film in the winter on my car windows, and have tried many solutions to clear it. This seems to work the best for me...
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    Yet another anti-e-cigarette article on yahoo, add comments please!

    Beware of E-Cigarettes | Yahoo Health This has to be the 5th or 6th uninformed article I have seen on yahoo in a week! I am beginning to believe yahoo is also in the pocket of big tobacco!
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    Poll on vaping in the workplace

    I work nights, and most night supervisors have seen me do it while working without a word. I have taken the stand of "it isn't in the employee handbook, and as long as I am not bothering anyone, I can vape." I have not been told in 2.5 years that I can't, but I try to be respectful so that it...
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    Advice Needed: Un-Supportive Family

    Try keeping a vape log. I used to keep one for the first year and a half. I figured how much I spent on ciggies a month, and that gave me a "credit" every month. I would "debit" every time I bought vape stuff. I evened out within a year, and was in the plus by $500 by the year and a half...
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    DIY bottles.... help

    Check amazon, ebay, and my last order was Stormy's Vapor Cellar. Ebay will probably do you better in price. There are a few industrial supply sites you can check, but most of them seem charge too much for shipping imho. looks promising in the quantity you are looking...
  9. the_maiden_fair

    Still confused

    I had wondered that myself when I started diy, but quickly realized it really didn't make too much difference to me. I usually stick with one or two flavor mixes, though, so the amount of flavoring possibly diluting my liquid is pretty small. If you are worried about it, try ordering it 1 or 2...
  10. the_maiden_fair

    Heavy lung's -Breathing

    Thanks, Hidden Dragon!
  11. the_maiden_fair

    Chapped lips

    I have fought chapped lips all of my life! Yes, it has gotten worse since vaping, I even had one crack that I just couldn't get healed for 1.5 years! It would just about heal, and then crack all over again. How I finally healed it, alcohol to cleanse it before bed, I used super glue once to...
  12. the_maiden_fair

    Family and vaping attitudes

    Forget them, there is no use in arguing with idiots, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Just do what you do, enjoy your life, and ignore the idiots. Good luck!
  13. the_maiden_fair

    Is my vaping making my dog ill ?

    My big baby has had no new issues since I started vaping. She has always had seasonal allergies with paws and sometimes ears each fall. It does not get any worse or better since vaping. I do give her nzymes, and it seems to help some, no miracle cure for her illnesses, but it seems to improve...
  14. the_maiden_fair

    Adult Pacifier.....

    My friend says she falls asleep with hers in her hand! Don't feel bad!
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    Heavy lung's -Breathing

    What I have realized with vaping and drinking, I over vape, and I under hydrate, so then I feel kind of heavy in the morning (or afternoon, whenever I drag my happy .... out of bed!). I believe it is most likely due to being dehydrated. I haven't tested the theory yet as I cannot bring myself...
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    DOA Cartos & Supposed Functionality

    I don't know if anyone saw this post, I assume you mean the old style cartos and not the new clearomizer things. I just test them with a multimeter just like you would an atomizer, red post in the bottom hole, black post touching threads, set to ohms, and test. I do that with all of my new...
  17. the_maiden_fair

    Newbie from Minnesota

    Welcome to the forum, where all you ever wanted to know, and more than you ever wanted to know collide!:blink: Congrats to quitting, Good job!
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    On-the-go VS At home: What do you vape?

    At home:vamo, attie, pump cart Out: kgo or ego 1100, attie, pump cart I like the "dripper" type of taste but with less hassle, so after a learning curve, I have stuck with the pump carts. I only need to refill 3-5 times a day, and I don't have to learn how to make things like clearos work to...
  19. the_maiden_fair

    I tried "The Test".

    I guess I never liked the taste of analogs. I didn't want to quit either. I got a kit, and told myself that I had to at least cut back to recoup the loss for the kit, and I had to give it an honest try. I was also very fearful, because a relative died of pancreatic cancer, caused by...
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    Video of the new vapor????

    4 Stages of Vaping - YouTube is this it?