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  1. the_maiden_fair

    vape fog on car windows...solution

    Take dish soap, put it in hot water, take a rag, dip in water, wring out, and scrub windows. Dry thoroughly with paper towels. It has worked for me very well! I get terrible film in the winter on my car windows, and have tried many solutions to clear it. This seems to work the best for me...
  2. the_maiden_fair

    Yet another anti-e-cigarette article on yahoo, add comments please!

    Beware of E-Cigarettes | Yahoo Health This has to be the 5th or 6th uninformed article I have seen on yahoo in a week! I am beginning to believe yahoo is also in the pocket of big tobacco!
  3. the_maiden_fair

    Some help needed with lavatube v4

    When I got it, it worked great (I use standard 510 atty and pump cart set-up). Now I have intermittent problems with atty connection. I read the forums and got some sealed shorty 510 to 510 adapters to use to hopefully fix my problem. Well, it didn't work. I got 3 of them, and none work...
  4. the_maiden_fair

    US stock

    It appears that the stock levels on the things I need to order never change. Are there any issues with getting the firefly 510 standard resistance atomizer (steel color) 5 packs and the 510 black pump carts? I have been checking constantly, and it appears these never come in. Will you still be...
  5. the_maiden_fair

    Just a little thought for storing nic that comes in plastic bottles

    I have read the recommendations for long term storage of nicotine base. I do agree with storing in colored glass bottles. I was looking for a simple, inexpensive way to do this. I have a small suggestion, I decided to get baby food. I got flavors pleasing for my dog, since I have no babies...
  6. the_maiden_fair


    I ordered from him a few months ago, but forgot to post a review. Everything came as ordered, and even received a freebie! Very helpful vendor, and dependable!
  7. the_maiden_fair

    Dark City Vapor

    Fast shipping, great kit, no problems whatsoever. They even sent me tracking information, which has recently become something extra to pay for according to some vendors. I can't verify customer service, as everything works great, and everything was received as ordered.
  8. the_maiden_fair

    best quality and cheapest unflavored niquid vendors

    I used to order from void mist, and I stocked up when they had sales. Now I see they no longer carry niquid, so where is everyone getting theirs from now? I don't see any recent posts on this, so any info would be great! I have been a diy er since I started vaping! I am used to using 60mg...
  9. the_maiden_fair

    Any Comments? This seems like an important article!

    Spearfish Schools Shore Up Nicotine Policy - | Sioux Falls News & Weather, South Dakota News & Weather, Minnesota and Iowa News
  10. the_maiden_fair

    Question for the women vapers!

    I have had only one symptom from switching to the e-cig, I don't know what it is from, the e-cig or from quitting smoking. I was just hoping maybe someone else had this issue and it cleared up after a time. The 2 menstrual cycles I have had since vaping have gotten painful. I am hoping someone...
  11. the_maiden_fair

    Proper charging and handling of the Riva 510 batteries?

    I have just one kit, the Riva 510 750mah 3.7v, and have only been vaping for 2 months. At first, I had a spare kit, but every time I order one, I lend it out to smokers to try, and they end up keeping them! So, right now, I am spareless. I have used the 2 amp car adapter to charge a few...
  12. the_maiden_fair

    Health issues with juice

    I have a couple of friends whom I helped make the switch. While I have had no issues with anything that has to do with the e-cig and vaping, and one of the friends also has absolutely no issues, I wanted to bring up the issues my latest vaping friend is having. She is a die hard to vaping, so...
  13. the_maiden_fair

    Carto issues for newbies

    I have been vaping for about 2 months, and my hubby would like to try. I decided to get him set-up with cartos and skip the whole atty+cartridge method for him since he drives for a living. He has tried to use it, and each time, he coughs like he's losing a lung. So, he kind of ignored it for...
  14. the_maiden_fair

    Quick but important emergency question for battery modders

    I mistakenly left my spare battery on the charger at work, hence, no charger to charge my battery and no spare to use til I get to work tomorrow afternoon. I have a riva 510, 3.7v. I had a spare pv, but a friend borrowed it, and liked it so much, that she bought it from me. Another one is on...
  15. the_maiden_fair

    Cartomizers...agh!!! TMI, brain overload!!

    I need help. I am new to vaping, and in 3 weeks have spent quite a bit doing the e-cig thing. So, here's my question (background on my set-up first). I have a Riva 510 750mah, 3.7 volt, and an ego, same specs. I have been through filling carts, cleaning atomizers, etc. I have read that a...
  16. the_maiden_fair

    Xtreme Vaping Reviews

    I received my order today, which was placed on Wednesday. I have to say their shipping is very fast, and the quality appears very good. The juice was well packaged too. I was e-mailed every step of the way, with usps tracking as well.:rickroll:
  17. the_maiden_fair

    FDA, Government, Big Pharm, etc.. Thoughts

    I know, all this concern and debate just makes my head spin. I am just wondering, where the heck has our government's common sense gone? It is just absolutely unbelievable! I don't even know where to start!! My first rant is this, tobacco free kids is so against the e-cig, for absolutely no...
  18. the_maiden_fair

    Slight problem with carts

    :oops: I have been using the same 2 carts all week since receiving my riva 510. I am learning the ins and outs, but I seem to be melting/burning the flat sides of my carts. I try my best to place them correctly on the bridge, but I notice I can still twist the cart completely around when...
  19. the_maiden_fair

    DIY Poly Cartridge Filler

    :blink:Since I have started with the 510 model, I decided to research more cost effective ways to safely vape with it. After the initial DIY juice hints and tips, I was on to the task of refilling my cart. filler myself, instead of ordering new ones when the filling went to heck. I have read...
  20. the_maiden_fair

    What I have learned in the first week of vaping.

    After reading countless posts on this forum, I finally decided to order an e-cig. I settled on a 510 model. After receiving my kit and the few juices I decided to get, I set to work figuring it out. One thing that could have been included in my instructions, is that atomizers must be primed...