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  1. Hurley

    Dial-a-volt charging

    Just thought I would share this. We all know it takes forever to charge the DAV on the charger from v4l. I have an ego fast charger that outputs the same 4.2v. With an 808 to 510 adapter I can charge my DAV in about an hour. Hope this helps someone. Cheers. Sent from my DROID RAZR
  2. Hurley

    The RAVEN

    So i received my ravens today and i am impressed. These perform like a dream. The taste is very clean and crisp. I didn't know that boba's could taste any better. Works great with the 100% VG. A few primer puffs now and then and it's good to go. Almost have the first tank gone and just keeps...
  3. Hurley

    Help testing batteries .

    I just bought the RScope and got the 18650 batteries with it. I don't own another PV that takes 18650's. How can check how much charge the have left?
  4. Hurley

    nice fit

    Got my new Rscope and some evod's today and they fit very nicely together. I'm liking the evod's much more than the t3's. So far no gurgling or leaking. I hope they hold up.
  5. Hurley

    need a good cheap carto for my volt.

    Can anyone tell me of a good and cheap 808 car to?
  6. Hurley

    resistance wire

    eBay My World - robert44654 check out this guy on ebay for some cheep wire for coils. fast shipping. hope this helps.
  7. Hurley

    Building coils

    I have bought a few repairables and need some advice on building the coils. What is the diffrence between nichrome and kanthal? which is better? What gage of wire is best? I,ve herd 30,32,36. Any advice anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  8. Hurley

    E-Juice storage

    hello fellow vapers i am looking for some recomendations on storing juice. I'm getting quite a collection and just started ordering from ave. i plan to order the 100ml bottles and want to know the best way to store juice to keep it fresh. thank you for any advice.