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    Kettle Corn

    If you have ever had Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn jelly beans, then you would know that would be an awesome new flavor :headbang: To me they taste like buttered popcorn with sweet cream :drool: They are like little pieces of heaven in a jelly bean, but they cost like $8/lb. Also the calories...
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    Ms T's Bakery juices, anyone else experiencing a much longer delay then was posted??

    I've even had thoughts of contacting her...since she lives like 90 miles from see if she would share the Snickerdoodle recipe with me ;) I know that's just a pipe dream, but damn I miss that juice :(
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    Ms T's Bakery juices, anyone else experiencing a much longer delay then was posted??

    She doesn't even live in Windber, PA anymore. She is living in MS. I'm telling you...she doesn't own Ms T's anymore. They are not telling the truth and need to be outed for their lies.
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    The nicoticket swap meet!

    PM sent to you :)
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    Quitters Never Win: The Nicoticket Success Banner Bribery Thread

    I think I finally figured it out ;)
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    The nicoticket swap meet!

    PM sent :)
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    Ms T's Bakery juices, anyone else experiencing a much longer delay then was posted??

    I just looked her up on Google and found out she now lives in Saucier, MS. It has her number and address listed. It also shows her PA address and phone number as previous information. I believe she sold the company and that is why the quality of the juice has diminished these last few months...
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    Hit it or Quit it - Butterscotch Pudding (SR)

    I'm really loving the Butterscotch Pudding :wub: and so sad that it's not available now :( If anyone has some gently loved BSP they would be willing to part with, please PM me. Thanks!
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    Putting a face with a name: Show us your mug! #selfie

    I've been vaping for 3 years. I smoked for 24 years and quit 11 years ago. Started vaping to quit eating ;)
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    Pick 10

    1) Butterscotch Pudding----can't believe there aren't more people that love this :/ It's the BEST butterscotch I've ever vaped. 2) GCD----I like the stronger cinnamon vape. 3) Frenilla 4) CLS 5) CB 6) Doodle I believe I would enjoy the strawberry custard at times, but I don't vape a lot of...
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    Do you have any flavors with cinnamon, coconut or butterscotch? Oh!! I also just saw Ginger Snap on his Facebook page. Sounds yummy :)
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    Any Mississippi folks on here?

    Petal, MS :)
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    Good alternatives for Mrs T's Bakery?

    Did you get any extra flavor, sweetener, cold vapor or throat hit added when you ordered? They have so many options and I'm just not sure which ones to choose :/ I like a good throat hit, but I don't want it to change the taste/flavor of the Snickerdoodle. Thanks!
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    MsTs Bakery Updates

    I received my Snickerdoodle last week (ordered on 10/20) and I also thought that something did not taste right. It doesn't even smell the same. Even after a week, it still just tastes "off" is not the same Snickerdoodle as before. It makes me sad that I waited that long and it isn't even...
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    MsTs Bakery Updates

    Just put in an order! Can't wait to try it :) Thanks for letting us know!
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    MsTs Bakery Updates

    Hey Erin, I sent Ms. T an email with your message tonight. I'll let you know if I hear back from her. :)
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    MsTs Bakery Updates

    Hey Erin, If I thought it would help I would be glad to try to contact Ms. T for you. But, to be honest, I'm not sure if she will respond again. I had sent her an email regarding the posting on her forum from the ECF adminstrator...just to let her know that they were trying to get in touch with...
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    Good alternatives for Mrs T's Bakery?

    I recently ordered from Received it in less than a week. I ordered the Snickerdoodle and Churro. The Snickerdoodle is not as strong as Ms. T's Snickerdoodle so I was a little disappointed. However, the Churro has that cinnamon kick that I enjoy. I think I got it on Monday and it is...
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    MsTs Bakery Updates

    Hey everybody! Great news :) I just got an email from Ms. T this morning. She said that orders are being created, processed and mailed now. That's really all I know, but wanted everyone to know that I heard from her.
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    Ms T's Order Status Thread - September 2013 through ?

    Please add me to your contact lists also. I will add everyone if someone will let me know how to do that :) Thanks!