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  1. Hotwire

    Caliburn 1.2 ohm VS 1.4 ohm coils - 1.2 makes sweet liquids TOO SWEET?

    Hmmm... So the 1.4 is good. But the 1.2 is GOOOOOOD. :P But a caramel tobacco liquid seems way too sweet in the 1.2 pod. The flavour is great, just ay too intense in sweetness. Would it make sense that sweeter liquids would be better in the 1.4...? I have both
  2. Hotwire

    From 60W Cleito vaping to Caliburn

    Yup. I got me a caliburn. I cannot belieive the flavour and warmth of vapour with the 1.2 ohm coils. I gave my Coolfire 4 TC100 away to a friend and both my cleito tanks. 12mg nic salts, 50pg/50vg and amazing. My set up has gone from big to tiny and the salts are so satisfying compared to...
  3. Hotwire

    RY4 / caramel tobacco 50/50 nic salts that don't kill coils?

    So I stopped using my DL devices due to stomach problems, doctor said it was putting pressure on a small hernia I have and also the deep lung inhales were irritating my stomach and esophagus. So back to my Aspire Nautilus Mini tank with 1.8 coil around 13W I've been using nic salts only as the...
  4. Hotwire

    Need a creamy shot to add to existing liquid

    I have heard of a liquid you add to give a creamier taste to e liquids. I have some dinner lady strawberry custard but its like a mouthful of sweet strawberry jam and very little custard Needs to be more creamy. My strawberry banana waffle could do with more cake flavour too as it's more...
  5. Hotwire

    Want case for coolfire 4 and coolfire 4 plus TC 100

    Some small case to put each in when in my jacket pockets. I'm sure there are many available. Want a good one but not pay through the nose.... Am in UK so want to buy from UK site. Cheers
  6. Hotwire

    Three best ever e liquids?

    What three e liquids should every vaper try before they pop their clogs ?.. I've just stocked up and have 60ml in two okay liquids. I'm planning my next juice purchase carefully I want three AWESOME liquids. I prefer a caramel, custard and creamy based liquid. Best i have ever had is...
  7. Hotwire

    Two problems advice needed

    First one is I have a coil that is registering wrong. I use a cool fire 4 plus. It is an aspire cleito. 4ohm coil. It registers really erratically. One moment it reads as. 52 then I unscrew the tank and it registers as .45. Unscrew it again and maybe 5.3 then 4.6... My two other tanks one...
  8. Hotwire

    Do custard liquids need more heat?

    Or longer steeping time.. ? I got a very well reviewed strawberry custard which was great in the store on a lesser rig than mine but on mine I'm just getting a weaker taste.... I usually vape 80/20 liquids at 47.5 watts. I'm finding this liquid best right up at 60 watts but still lacking. I...
  9. Hotwire

    Recommendations needed - UK - a caramel, custard and strawberry cream please

    As the title says. I'm going off of IQOS now and back on to vape. I have a tank if toffee sauce to tide me over and some Banana strawberry waffle but they're almost empty and I am off work tomorrow so can pop to a couple of vape shops. Set up - coolfire 4+ (coolfire IV TC100) and 1. Apsire...
  10. Hotwire

    Newbies - remember to DRINK MORE FLUIDS

    Add an extra two glasses of water / cups of tea a day if you vape as it dehydrates a little (nothing to get alarmed about though.) You'll thank me later. They never tell you in the vape shops. It's common knowledge to most posters on here, but no harm in mentioning it every now and then.
  11. Hotwire

    Double Drip Coil Sauce - Strawberry Banana Waffle 6mg

    Got 3 x 10ml for £10 at local shopping mall. I vape it with Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 (CF4+) and Aspire Cleito tank with the normal .4 ohm coils. This is a smasher! Lovely fruity inhale with sweet strawberry and banana slightly caramalised for the waffle part. An amazing exhale that leaves...
  12. Hotwire

    88VAPE £1 for 30ml of 3mg 80VG sub ohm Toffee Sauce Juice at Poundland in UK

    Saw this at the store today and thought what the heck, it's only a pound so I'll try it. .5 ohm SS BV coil Innokin I-SUB V tank at 40-50 Watts using Coolfire 4 TC100 (CF4+) Also tried 465F with 100W ramp up. It would likely be better in my Aspire Cleito tank with .4 ohm coil but did not want...
  13. Hotwire

    What are some good pod mods in the UK?

    My Sister wants to go back to vaping. She has an aspire Pockex and likes it but tried a pod mod the other day (without knowing it was one until I told her after she described it) and said she prefers is as no maintenence and refilling and changing coils etc. I've tried Juul and found it 'okay'...
  14. Hotwire

    Am I allowed to write about my (positive) IQOS experience?

    It works well for me, when vaping just wouldn't. Tried it all, sub ohm the lot, since 2009. IQOS has me smoke free now 100% I'll write about it impartially and with the full admission it is only my own subjective experience and that if you enjoy vaping I advise you to stick with it and not try...
  15. Hotwire

    My IQOS experience - heat not burn

    Firstly I am not here to promote this over vaping. If you enjoy vaping and it works for you, read no more, click off of this post and be done. You vape, it works, keep at it amigo and be happy. I am reviewing it for those that cannot switch or are dual users or are struggling. I used to...
  16. Hotwire

    All these years on and still back to the good old Aspire Nautilus Mini

    Been on and off vaping or back to just three cigs a day then vape then 3 cigs a day for years. Always still come back to the Nautilus Mini with CF4. Reliable as always and perfect MTL but just a little bit like a lung hit also vape. Timeless Classic :)
  17. Hotwire

    Vampire Vape

    UK based company. I use them in my MTL vape - Nautilus Mini with standard 1.8ohm BVC coils around 12W. Pinkman - 50/50, 6mg. Just an amazing, summer fruit perfect summer vape. Pure summer fruits, very clean taste and good vapour, cannot say more, just very full flavoured, fruity and clean...
  18. Hotwire

    One Hit Wonder 'My Man!'

    It's good. I'll start off by saying it tastes nothing like any type of ice cream. No strawberry, no chocolate, no vanilla, nada. It has a slight alcohol base taste to it, but not overpowering. If you've ever tried any Liqua e-liquids, it tastes kind of like their Virginia tobacco base and...
  19. Hotwire

    Never throw out old gear....

    So I've done the 'upgrade path' from Ego-T to EVOD to Nauti mini to Subtank nano right up to Aspire Cleito .4 ohms at 60W and premium dessert flavour MAX VG liquids etc. Now summer is here and I find the massive VG clouds giving me a bit of indigestion and the silky VG clouds a bit not to my...
  20. Hotwire

    Is it possible to swallow some vapour - stomach issues

    Hey. I'e been doing massive lung inhales on my Cleito .4 OHM tanks at around 50-60W I find sometimes and especially if using the fat bore drip tip that comes with it, I am sucking in so much air and vapour that I feel at the end of the pull I am swallowing some of the vapour and that it plays...